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Awakening to the Divine: Spirit's Truths About Your Twin Flame Connection 06/09/23

Spirit is revealing to your Divine Masculine the purest truth of your being through the message of "contract." The image of a blindfolded woman holding scales and a pile of books symbolizes the importance of justice, balance, and honoring the agreements you have made.

The blindfold represents the need to trust your intuition and inner guidance rather than relying solely on external influences. It encourages you to connect with your inner wisdom and make decisions that align with your highest good.

The scales represent the concept of balance and fairness. They remind you to strive for equilibrium in your thoughts, actions, and relationships. This message suggests that maintaining a sense of fairness and justice in your interactions is essential for your personal growth and the harmonious development of your Union.

The pile of books signifies knowledge, wisdom, and the lessons you have learned throughout your journey. It reminds you of the importance of continuous learning and self-improvement. It encourages you to seek wisdom, expand your understanding, and integrate your knowledge into your actions.

Spirit is revealing to your Divine Masculine that the purest truth of your being lies in honoring your contracts and commitments. This includes not only the agreements you have made with others but also the promises you have made to yourself and your spiritual path.

This message invites you to reflect on the agreements you have made and assess whether they still serve your highest good. It encourages you to find balance, trust your intuition, and make choices that align with your values and purpose. By honoring your contracts with integrity and fairness, you will create a solid foundation for your Union and personal growth.

Remember to approach your connections and decisions with a sense of justice, balance, and personal responsibility. Trust in the wisdom within you, and let it guide you in fulfilling your divine purpose and fostering a deep and meaningful Union.

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