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Divine Masculine's Profound Awakening: A Shift in Consciousness!

The Divine Feminine is experiencing a significant transformation and growth, which is also awakening the Divine Masculine. The imagery of "Quietzalcotal and the Priestess of Time" symbolizes this powerful shift.

Quietzalcotal, in Mesoamerican mythology, represents the feathered serpent deity, associated with transformation, knowledge, and spiritual awakening. The Divine Feminine, depicted as a woman with black hair adorned in gold, blue, and turquoise colors, along with a green shiny snake, embodies the energies of Quietzalcotal.

The black hair of the woman can symbolize her connection to the hidden mysteries and the depths of her own inner wisdom. The gold, blue, and turquoise colors often represent spiritual wisdom, intuition, and divine communication. The green shiny snake may signify a process of shedding old layers, embracing change, and experiencing spiritual renewal.

The gold hieroglyphs in the background suggest the presence of ancient wisdom and spiritual knowledge. This Divine Feminine is tapping into ancient wisdom and integrating it into her spiritual journey, which is playing a significant role in the awakening of the Divine Masculine.

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