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Family Healing ~ Both Your Twin Flame And The Divine Desire For You To Be Absolutely Yourself 🌞

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

As you already know, you don't have to look outside of yourself for the answers you seek, who does not know? The illusion. Your heart always knows the answer. It's Ok, you're perfectly safe on this journey, no harm can come to you, it's your Divine journey into love, be open to a natural and peaceful coming together, choose peace.

There is a lot of family healing going on right now in the collective, a lot of old, neglected wounds are coming up to be healed. Some parents will do anything for their children, except let them be themselves. This can be a problem, because this journey is totally about becoming absolutely yourself, but your true Parent is the Divine. Your Twin Flame will reflect your relationship with the Divine, so if we believe that the Divine will force us to do what She wants and ignore our heart's desires, we believe our Twin Flame will do the same and that'd a definite way of creating a separation. Your will and Divine will are no different, when God/Goddess places a desire for anything in your heart, your desire is no different to Hers. it's how you were designed to be, you'll never be asked to give up or sacrifice any part of yourself. Embody your Divine nature with God/Goddess, reveal your true identity, that's for you. It's very painful to have the belief that on some level, you won't be allowed to be yourself, but these patterns may be vary old, from previous lives. Some people like to go back there and explore but you don't have to. Go within and heal it so your relationship with your Twin Flame won't be one of you not being able to be you, and at the same time your Twin Flame won't be able to be themselves either, you want them and you to be the best versions of yourselves.

Healing deeper layers in this area really does show your progress, going back through your history shows you're going so much deeper, and you will have had to have cleaned up a whole section of consciousness to be able to do this. You get to a point where you can do a thorough life review, you may find some significant time stamps in your history, you'll know this already, go deeper. Everything on your journey is about your own relationship with the Divine, any family patterns that are now coming up for uprooting are just showing you your relationship with God/Goddess. Parts of that relationship will be very good, but look at all your relationships, family, community, your Twin Flame, they may span many lifetimes. these patterns are not new but they're things you may have lived out in this life.

Really honour your growth, your journey, the courage it takes to get to this point, it takes a lot of work to be able to say, 'This is my relationship with the Divine, I thought we got on brilliantly, but there's this piece tucked away in the background. You have the free will to choose love and heal, God/Goddess knows which piece goes where, She knows the order, trust She'll show it to you. You chose a family that were going to live out certain patterns with you, family members all share the same block, they need compassion. If you feel unloved by your family as you are, for example, even if you know it's irrational, they are playing that out because they feel the same way. Claim your true identity, no one can take that away because it's how you were created. You are inherently lovable because you were designed that way, everything you express is uniquely you.

In all of life these core family blocks are so evident, and they're present all the way through, leading to every single relationship reflecting something, I've had partners say the same things my mum has said, word for word. The message was that wo be lovable one had to be someone else. Reclaim yourself, be with the Divine, your beingness is enough, your value doesn't come from doing. if you're very output orientated, balance internalising into a state of worthy beingness. Look in all your closets, there's nowhere where we want to be afraid, we want to have it all cleared up. The Divine has provided you with the perfect family to heal these patterns, you're done with them and now you're in the perfect place to unlock the door to the entire ancestral pattern. Many many people have their own versions of this, not being allowed to be oneself to be lovable. Bring this part of yourself back to love, that Divine liquid golden love, gather up all the missing parts of yourself, all the way to full enlightenment or Perfect Union. It may seem daunting if you can see the next few things that need working on, and frustrating, as the first step must be completed before moving onto the next, but if we can get to the core, some of the other issues can dissipate on their own. Integrate all the parts of yourself, no rushing, make sure you're fully home with yourself. Hoover up all the little bits, you're like a field of stars, collect the fullness of who you are, you don't want to be anyone but you, experience how connected that feels.

The Divine brings only love, anything you see or experience that's not love is simply showing you what needs healing. choose Diving healing, guidance, love and trust. Surrender control and negativity and align with yourself. The negativity is just illusion, God/Goddess wants you home and has given you free will to create your own reality. we can't escape our own consciousness, no matter how rich or educated we are. Honour every year in your life that passed, you don't need to get bogged down in the story of what happened, go back to the times and places and the feelings, not the story, if it's still in your consciousness, you still have to raise it. Have compassion and forgiveness for the other people involved, it was just a pattern demonstrated by them, we can only assume we've had these patterns for some considerable time. You're so blessed that you have found a way out of this. Every time you go in and love a part of you, let that part of you know how lovable they are, you're stopping that pattern from ever having to be present again.

People confuse God/Goddess with their parents all the time, and all this is showing you your relationship with God/Goddess. If you have a fear of being controlled, be with this part of yourself and explore your relationship with the Divine. It's time to rediscover your true identity and true self because if you're going to move into Harmonious Union, it has to be the true you that shows up. If the relationship God's showing you through the situation you have with Him is one of control, you'll also have that with your Twin Flame and you don't want that. we want to open that up. But rest assured, everything you're doing is definitely going into a secure container that is your Union, and nothing's ever lost. you're seeing results in the form of greater peace and your Union can shift, bang, overnight, in the most unexpected ways.

You're now going to the places you weren't able to be there for yourself, and neither was anyone else. There may be physical and mental scars of past trauma, we're now going in to heal that pattern, really feel into what's healing within you. stay present with that part of yourself, give that part of yourself everything he/she needs, validation, acceptance for who he/she is, just in being, worthy of giving and receiving love , you don't need to prove your worth or try to be something different or try to please. The Divine is guiding us to a place of the truth of how we were created, you'll never be asked to defend who you really are. Who you really are is just who you are, find peace in that. It's an interesting dynamic, and good to see from so many different angles and be able to recognise the patterns. Goddess reveals only the truth of Creation, it's not to control, it's just a revelation of truth that will feel like the truth.

You're valid, you're autonomous, it doesn't matter what other people want, that can't affect you, it's not what God wants. It's the bottom line of separation, out family show us what we really feel about God and why we're afraid to be un Union with Him, we think we're going to get abused, we're healing through that now, it's so liberating. Your true Father knows your true identity because He created you, He doesn't see you in any way other than the truth of you. Nobody else's preferences matter, the truth feels peaceful. allow yourself to feel fully accepted. If there are insecurities and self esteem issues showing up, remember, everything that shows up externally shows us how we feel about ourselves, how do you feel about you? while releasing pockets of depression and sadness an d heartache (it's OK for these feeling to come up, they're leaving), give yourself lots of compassion, acceptance and understanding.

Family will always reflect our wounds regardless of their own which are playing out for them, you're not here to shore up anybody else's self esteem, really anchor into the truth that it doesn't matter what other people think or want. Claim all the wonderful things they have given you in whatever way you and your Union wish to. There are many enmeshment patterns which make it hard to relate truly, it's a pattern, don't allow it to play out. you can only take responsibility for your own and once you step into your power you'll be able to release the enmeshment. Surrender resentments, bring compassion and gentleness to all these places. Don't blame, if that's how you feel, that's the resentment coming up, you can't experience something unless it has a corresponding pattern in you. Relatives can only act out because you have a pattern that allows these things to play out. when you show up for you with compassion and love you see it as just a pattern and a gift, just like when your Twin Flame triggers you. no harm is intended, they're just playing out a pattern, when you deactivate it in yourself you get the peace and others can't play that out and it helps them too.

It's so common to feel heartache and sadness, which is powerlessness, but the opposite is true, the way to resolve it is within, you can't reason with a pattern, because it will always say you're wrong and you become like two mirrors pointing at eachother, it only stops when you take responsibility. It's just a misalignment. Family relationships symbolise your relationship with God, does God want you to conform to Her? Say you can only wear green clothes and eat green food? Of course not, because you wouldn't be having it, it's not in God's interest to do that, She only exists in love, join Her there, separate the family pattern from the truth of God, and the distorted idea of an angry, punishing God that we learnt from our families where we were always wrong, had to go without and give up things, that's not Divine truth. the Divine truth is that you were given your heart's desires so they could be fulfilled completely.

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