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How is Your Twin Flame Union Coming Together? 13/08/23

The phrase "When the Divine Feminine wants an answer, she doesn't go looking for it, she invites the answer to find her" signifies a surrendering and receptive approach to the Union. It suggests that the Divine Feminine is embracing her inner power and wisdom, trusting in the divine timing and allowing the answers to naturally unfold.

The image of a woman in a red dress in a forest represents the Divine Feminine in her natural state of grace and beauty. The forest symbolizes a place of growth, transformation, and connection with nature. It reflects the deep connection and harmony the Divine Feminine has with the world around her.

By embodying this energy, the Divine Feminine is not actively seeking answers or forcing outcomes in the Union. Instead, she is inviting the Universe and her Twin Flame to provide the answers she seeks. This approach is rooted in trust and faith, allowing the energies of the Universe to guide and align the Union in divine timing.

In this context, Union is coming together through a surrendering of control and an openness to receiving. The Divine Feminine's invitation creates a space for the Universe to bring forth the necessary answers and guidance. It is through this receptive and patient attitude that the Union is nurtured and allowed to unfold in its own divine and perfect way.

This approach encourages the Divine Feminine to trust in her own intuition, knowing that the answers she seeks will come to her when the time is right. It fosters a sense of inner peace and alignment with the higher purpose of the Union, ultimately paving the way for a deeper connection and a harmonious coming together.

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