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Twin Flames, Love Is The Teaching, Lesson & Message ~ Developing A Relationship With Love Itself

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

There is only one thing to do know and only one thing you need to do to come into your Harmonious Union with your true Twin Flame, the One Great Love of your Eternal Life, your best friend, your ideal partner, your perfect Divine Complement, and that is love yourself. It's as simple as that, it really is that simple.

It's always love, no need to go searching for other hidden pockets. Love is the teaching and Harmonious Union is guaranteed, it's a simple, clear, straightforward science; love yourself. You're designed for your Twin Flame, you have an Ultimate Lover, you are one in your heart. You do have someone designed by your Creator for you and you alone and you're designed for your Ultimate Lover. You're designed to complement another person, you were created in the same moment for one another, you're two wings to one bird.

You're one heart together, you share one mind, one garden, one love. You're so intimate that all of your choices are as one, so you, experiencing separation from your Twin Flame right now can do this work, and as you do, you'll find they're choosing the same thing as you, so you can relax. The reason you're experiencing separation is because on some level, you made a choice in your heart, you chose separation in your heart from your Ultimate Lover, and that causes a great deal of pain and upset. All you need to do is resolve that separation consciousness to come into Harmonious Union.

Union means you see each other as Twin Flames and you commit. Harmonious Union means you see each other at your core. No one else in the Universe for all of Eternity for me but you, you are it, and at the core you commit for Eternity and live one life as One. This is how you were designed to be, you were created as one with your Twin Flame, this is where you're supposed to be, this is your natural state of being, your balance point, your homeostasis, and anything out of alignment with that experience is not comfortable and it's not fun, it's not right and you'll push against it until you let it go. You'll experience resistance until you let it go and once you let go of your resistance, once you heal your separation consciousness, you'll naturally come into your Heaven on Earth. When you experience separation from your Twin Flame, you'll experience separation from yourself, you and your Twin Flame are one, resolve it in yourself, and you resolve the separation between you. Love yourself, come into Harmonious Union.

When the work is 100% complete, you'll find the gateless gate to Harmonious Union is passable. The key is for you to walk through it, the truth of who you are, not you plus illusions, you can't bring ego and patterns that push away love. Invite yourself and others into love's way and keep choosing Harmonious union. This is the work laid out before you, when you have the awareness, all you have to do is make a choice, choose to love and see yourself now.

When you finally surrender for all that you feel for them,

When you finally surrender to the truth of who you are,

When you fully allow love into the centre of every crevice of your heart,

When you finally see yourself as 100% lovable and worthy of receiving love,

When you've accepted all of who you were created to be, by God/Goddess, not lived it, just accepted it,

Just see you for who you truly are and say, yes, that's OK with me, I don't push against that anymore, I accept it completely, I accept and love myself,

Recognise your Twin Flame as not being outside of you and love yourself as you love them,

When you come to accept your Twin Flame loves you as much as you love them and yourself,

Once you've learned to be in love with yourself as much as you're in love with them,

Once you've learned to surrender all of who you are, all of your heart to your Creator, to Love itself,

Then you won't be able to help but be with your Twin Flame in Harmonious Union.

Once you surrender to the full capacity of peace in your heart,

Once you've found true peace within, they'll float into your life,

When you understand that you've never been separate from them, that everything you're experiencing right now is them loving you, and everything you're doing in your life to reach for them is their loving heart, helping you reach for God.

When you understand that's all been happening all along and it's never going to stop, your Twin Flame will come smashing through your door!

Developing A Relationship With Love Itself

It's not the out there thing and you're going to get it and bring it here, you don't do the work for the result, you do the work knowing you're going to get the result, and you're looking for the result of the work that you did but it's not an exchange like that. It's about developing a relationship with love, with yourself, it's about loving yourself, it's about one thing, choosing love right now. This is how you do it, you have a relationship with love itself, by loving yourself, and when you look and compare, 'Oh, I love myself, is it enough yet? To get him to love me back? Not quite, that feels bad, that it's not quite enough for him to love me. So in essence, one of your blocks is you don't quite feel like you're enough to be with them, to have this love.

Feeling into it, what feels good, what feels not so good, what's in alignment, what's not in alignment? What feels juicy that you want to move forward with, and what drains your energy? Address all of these, choose the love, refuse the fear. The main thing is, no one understands how big this is, and you also must accept the process is the process and you don't have to compare your progress and process to what's going on on the outside. It's the inner process of loving yourself and it's just going to keep going until it's done.

Do you feed a baby when you think it needs to be fed or when it needs to be fed? Unconditional love, you give it all that you have and that's enough, no mother normally runs out of milk, it flows abundantly, so you too should allow your love to flow to the Divine abundantly and unconditionally. Whatever the Divine needs to serve your highest good, you give it, and in that giving, you are served. It's good to love the Divine and yourself, and that alone is enough

for you, that relationship alone feels good and is enough.

And then you get all kinds of good stuff like Harmonious Union, completion, saturation point at this point in your journey, you get the result, you'll arrive if you continue. Also having faith and trusting you're doing it right and you'll arrive there, even though you're doing the same thing and the same result and it's not equalling Harmonious Union yet, trust, that's it. Even though you're passing mile marker after mile marker from one situation to the next and you haven't got there yet, you must trust that if you stay on course you will arrive.

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