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Love's Awakening: The Regret Your Twin Flame Holds for Not Recognizing Your Divinity Sooner

In this reading, it appears that your Twin Flame has come to realize the significance of your divinity and connection, and they regret not having approached it with the depth and sincerity it deserves. The message of "true radiance" suggests that they now see the true brilliance and beauty of your divine connection.

The imagery of "new growth flourishes" indicates that your Twin Flame is experiencing a period of growth and transformation within themselves. This newfound understanding and awareness might be leading them to appreciate the sacredness of your bond and the potential for profound spiritual growth within your union.

The kaleidoscopic fractal refraction pattern of multicolours represents the complexity and depth of your Twin Flame connection. It suggests that your bond is intricate and multi-faceted, with numerous layers of meaning and significance. This realization could be overwhelming yet captivating for your Twin Flame.

The circle in which the fractal pattern is contained symbolizes wholeness and completeness. It may signify that your connection is meant to be a harmonious and complete union, where both of your souls find unity and divine alignment.

This reading indicates that your Twin Flame's regret and newfound appreciation for your divinity are positive developments in your journey. It suggests that they are beginning to recognize the extraordinary nature of your connection and are open to embracing its full potential.

It's important to approach this situation with compassion and understanding. Allow your Twin Flame the space they need to process their feelings and insights. As they go through this period of growth and transformation, support their journey with love and patience.

Be open to communicating honestly and vulnerably with each other. Share your own feelings and experiences, and encourage them to do the same. This can create a deeper level of intimacy and understanding between you both.

As your Twin Flame continues to explore the depths of your connection, remember that every step on this journey is part of the divine unfolding of your union. Trust in the process, and know that your love for each other can guide you through any challenges that arise.

Stay connected to your own divinity and inner radiance. Embrace the growth and transformation within yourself as well, as you both evolve on this sacred journey of love and union. Together, you can create a harmonious and fulfilling connection that radiates true love and divine light.

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