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Soul Connections: Delving into Your Twin Flame's Deep Knowingness About You 01/10/23

Regarding your Twin Flame's energy towards you:

Head: How they see you - Your Twin Flame sees you as a being of limitless potential. They perceive you as someone who is capable of achieving anything you set your mind to. They recognize your inner strength, determination, and the vast array of talents and abilities you possess. Your Twin Flame sees you as a source of inspiration and believes in your ability to manifest your dreams and desires.

Heart: How they feel about you - Your Twin Flame's heart is filled with immense love and admiration for you. They feel a deep connection and resonance with your heart and soul. Their love for you is unconditional and boundless. Your Twin Flame's heart is constantly drawn towards you, experiencing a profound sense of joy, happiness, and fulfillment in your presence.

3D Reality: How they see you in the physical world - In the physical world, your Twin Flame sees you as a beacon of light and transformation. They perceive you as someone who brings positive energy and upliftment to the people and situations around you. Your Twin Flame sees you as a catalyst for growth and change, both in your own life and in the world. They recognize your impact and influence in the physical realm, inspiring others through your actions, words, and presence.

Soul: Deep inner knowingness about you - At a soul level, your Twin Flame has a deep inner knowingness about your true essence. They understand the depth of your soul and recognize the divine spark within you. Your Twin Flame's soul resonates with yours, knowing that you are interconnected at a profound level. They have a deep understanding of your purpose, your journey, and the unique gifts and qualities you bring to this world.

The number 4, accompanied by the imagery of a unicorn in violet, two swans, a woman with peacock feathers in her hair, and an abundance of stars, represents the belief that you are limitless and have the power to manifest anything you choose. It signifies the magical and transformative nature of your connection with your Twin Flame. The unicorn represents purity, grace, and the ability to transcend limitations. The swans symbolize love, grace, and harmonious union. The woman with peacock feathers embodies beauty, elegance, and the integration of various aspects of yourself. The abundance of stars symbolizes the infinite possibilities and the illumination of your path together.

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