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Soulful Shift: Discovering the Signs of Your Twin Flame's Personal Transformation

The presence of the "Selkie and Her Skin" card, number 25, indicates that your Twin Flame is going through a profound transformation akin to a selkie shedding her seal skin. Selkies are mythical beings in Celtic folklore who can transform from seals into humans by shedding their seal skin. In the context of your Twin Flame's journey, this card suggests that they are experiencing a process of letting go of old identities and releasing aspects of themselves that no longer serve their growth. Similar to the selkie leaving her seal skin behind, your Twin Flame is shedding layers of their past, releasing limiting beliefs, and embracing a new sense of self. This transformation can be both liberating and challenging as they navigate the waters of self-discovery and personal growth. The image of a mermaid shedding her seal skin on a rocky beach among seals signifies a period of vulnerability and openness for your Twin Flame. They are embracing their true essence and authenticity, allowing themselves to be seen and heard more authentically. This card also suggests that your Twin Flame's emotional and spiritual depth is expanding. Like the ocean depths, they are delving into the depths of their emotions and soul, seeking profound connections and understanding. This inner journey will likely lead to a more profound and meaningful Twin Flame Union. Overall, the "Selkie and Her Skin" card represents a powerful transformation and growth in your Twin Flame's journey. They are stepping into a new version of themselves, shedding old layers, and becoming more open and vulnerable. Embrace and support your Twin Flame on this journey, as it will lead to a deeper and more authentic connection in your Union.

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