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The Cosmic Symphony: How Divine Forces Conspire for Your Twin Flame Union 07/10/23

The Divine forces that are working behind the scenes to bring your Union together are represented by the number 18 and the accompanying imagery. The number 18 signifies the importance of honesty in your Union. It encourages you to communicate truthfully and authentically, expressing your thoughts and feelings in a loving and compassionate manner.

The image of a man wearing a mask with feathers on his head giving a red flower to a woman with her back turned represents the act of offering love and affection. It symbolizes the expression of genuine emotions and the desire for connection. The woman with peacock feathers and fireworks above her head signifies beauty, grace, and a sense of celebration. The fireworks represent the sparks of passion and joy that can be ignited within your Union.

The presence of a huge moon illuminating the water and the suggestion of a Divine city beneath it suggests a strong spiritual connection in your Union. The moon represents intuition, emotions, and the divine feminine energy. It indicates a deep emotional bond and a connection on a soul level. The Divine city beneath the moon represents a sacred and divine space where your Union is nurtured and supported.

Overall, the Divine forces are guiding you to embrace honesty and open communication in your Union. By speaking your truth with love and authenticity, you create a solid foundation for your connection to flourish. The imagery of the man offering a flower and the woman with peacock feathers and fireworks signifies the exchange of love and passion within your Union. The presence of the moon and the Divine city beneath it emphasizes the spiritual nature of your connection and the sacred energy that is guiding you

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