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Twin Flame Confessions: Their Heart Was Stolen in an Instant!

The reading indicates that as the Divine Feminine, you have had a significant impact on the heart of your Divine Masculine, capturing it in an instant. Your presence and love have deeply touched him, and he feels a strong connection to you. However, the Divine Masculine may be slow to express his feelings outwardly, especially when it comes to saying it out loud.

The essence of St. Francis suggests that there is a need for reflection and release in this situation. St. Francis was known for his love of nature, animals, and his compassionate heart. The man with a cat and dog and the two white doves in the reading symbolize harmony and peace. It indicates that your Divine Masculine may find comfort and solace in your presence, feeling a sense of tranquility and peace when he is around you.

The snow-capped mountains and blue sky in the background signify a sense of stability and vastness in your connection. Your Divine Masculine may perceive you as a stable and reliable presence in his life, someone who brings clarity and expansiveness to his world.

However, the slow pace of expressing feelings might be due to a need for inner contemplation and a desire to ensure that the emotions are authentic and lasting. It's possible that your Divine Masculine is taking his time to process his emotions and truly understand the depth of his feelings for you before he openly declares them.

The reading advises you to reflect on your own feelings as well and release any expectations or pressures related to your Divine Masculine's expression of love. Allow him the space and time he needs to come to his own understanding and communicate in his own way. Trust that the connection between you is strong, and the love you share will naturally unfold in its own time.

Continue to embrace the essence of St. Francis by approaching your connection with love, compassion, and patience. Nurture the bond between you by creating a safe and open space for communication and emotional expression. As you both continue on your individual journeys of self-discovery, the love between you will grow and evolve, leading to a more profound and authentic connection in the long run.

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