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Twin Flame Weekly Forecast ๐Ÿ’œ Aligning Compassionately With Each Other๐Ÿ’

This week we are guided by Foxfire Kitsune Oracle by Lucy Cavendish

10th March 2023

There are no misalignments in your Union between you and your Twin Flame. Just misunderstandings. If you see an apparent mismatch between you, it's OK, it's just a sign to go deeper there, and you will find, that you always do share the same values at the core. It's OK if thinks look a little different on the outside, because they will do, that's normal.

Maybe you're having a fear of truly sharing who you are, in case of encountering a lack of acceptance, but, if you're fully accepting yourself, you cannot experience being rejected by another. This self rejection is what's healing in the collective at this time. A new awareness will come of this, and there will be breakthroughs and renewal in your relationship. There is an end to this stage, when, you'll realise that in truth, you never have been alone. Even during these times when it's been most compassionate to take space to work on your healing and self love, you were always partnering with your beloved and working as a team.


I choose the most peaceful and compassionate route into my Twin Flame Union, and acknowledge that the Divine knows the best way.

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