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Twin Flame Weekly Forecast ๐ŸŒš Becoming Supremely Empowered ๐Ÿ’—

This week we are guided by Psychic Tarot of the Heart by John Holland

24th March 2023

As you continue to take the lead in your Twin Flame Union, by choosing to heal and taking the Divinely guided action steps in front of you, new opportunities are opening up for expansion and growth. Tap into your inspiration and enthusiasm to fire up the Love of your Union, which in turn will bring you all that you desire in matters of the heart.

Choose to be receptive to the Divine and Divine Love, which will guide you forwards and show you how to attain your deepest wishes.

Nothing needs to happen between you and your Twin Flame for you to be able to match the frequency of Union, you don't need to get them to change or do anything to secure the fulfilment of your desires. just focus on you and your own joy and that is enough to manifest your dreams.


I choose to take my power back from all and any external circumstances. I acknowledge that my choices and I are supremely powerful, and choose my Twin Flame Union now.

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