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Twin Flame Weekly Forecast ๐Ÿ’—Going Deeper into Healing and Beauty๐ŸŒš

This week we are guided by Foxfire Kitsune Oracle by Lucy Cavendish

21st April 2023

You have so much to give to the world, together with your Twin Flame, in Union. It's ok if you're not yet clear on what that will look like at present, call in greater clarity and it will come.

This is a time for supporting yourself more, and claiming your support from the Divine, and it will often come through the people around you. You are going deeper into healing your inner child, being able to tend to him or her in ways that have only recently opened up to you.

You are part of the new day for the world, and you will be recognised for your goodness, both individually and as a Twin Flame. You will be better able to stand in your truth and speak your truth, and as a result, you will shine with greatness, and your beloved will not be able to resist your magnetic energy and Divine attraction!


I choose to soothe my inner child and love myself deeper than ever before, knowing that as I love myself, I am loving my Twin Flame, and my Twin Flame is loving me.

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