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Twin Flame Weekly Reading ๐ŸŒธHuge Growth and Expansion๐Ÿ’™

This week, we are guided by Beyond Lemuria by Lizzy Ivy

3rd March 2023

Communication, sharing wisdom, the breath of Life, movement, faith, winged helpers, more expansive perspectives, consciousness shift.

You are moving forwards into a more innovative way of existing, inspiring others, breathing Love into all the places within you that are asking for Love. This will enable you to fly higher than you ever have before. The rate at which you are evolving is increasing exponentially, thanks to the release that has been occurring over recent weeks. Divine knowledge is coming in for you as you continue to take back your power from what doesn't serve you. The foundation you have been building from a place of Love over fear is exactly what will enable to bring in your Twin Flame Union, and it will stay when it does come in. If a little more work is required for that to happen, that's OK, take the Divinely guided action steps you are shown with a joyous heart.


I embrace my growth and expansion that I am undergoing, and choose to follow the Divine Path to my Perfect Life of Love.

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