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Twin Flame Weekly Reading ๐Ÿ’š Long Standing Patterns Are Releasing ๐Ÿ’—

This week we are guided by the Oracle Cards Beyond Lemuria by Lizzy Ivy

February 18th 2023

Inner work, addressing dissonance, seeing downfalls as the flipside of superpowers, loving yourself back to wholeness, rising above suffering into enlightenment, places being triggered for healing.

Subconscious patterns are coming to light this week. When you see and recognise them, you can call them out for what they are and choose to let them go. It's these patterns that keep one from their desire, and it's OK if they take a while o fully dislodge. Healing happens in layers and you may have to make a new choice of Love in these places, every time the pattern comes up, over and over again. But that's OK. Even if you're working through a particularly sticky, long standing pattern that seems to be never ending, you may have noticed it has diminished, and if you heel moving forward with your choice to heal it, at some point it will be gone completely. There is an end to this phase, all you have to do is not give up!


I recognise and release misaligned beliefs in not Love and acknowledge that only Love is real. I Choose to bring Love in place of the misaligned beliefs I am releasing, as much as I need to.

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