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Twin Flames ~ Every Experience is a Blessing From Which Miracles Spring 🥰

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

🌱What has been happening recently in the collective, is that many people have finally been able to get stuck into working through their core blocks, and as they have done so, they realised that it's only a small handful of core blocks, ie, misaligned beliefs and patterns that stand between them and their Union, and as these things are mere illusions, in truth, nothing stands between you and your Union. Really deep patterns have been getting uncovered, for example, some may have the belief that true love is a lottery and not for all. It's easy to underestimate the pain, how could one not numb out, given the nature of some of the negative self talk that goes on? But this is not just how it is, it can be resolved, one has to go to the place that is in pain and love themselves there. Go there, love yourself there. Sometimes a pretty extreme external event manifests to draw attention to the deep pattern, it could be something apparently completely random, say you may get your car written off and even though the other driver says it was all their fault, nevertheless, you attracted that experience. I know someone who has lost multiple properties because they didn't believe they deserved their abundance so every time they received their good through hard work, they'd manifest a situation where they'd seemingly lose it.🍒

🌞These experiences, in all their unpleasantness are delivering a message that something's here, it's time for antibiotics, so to speak, so use your experiences to point you to the core belief and face it down. Going back to the first example, that love is a raffle, one statement about a belief in pot luck, of being excluded from true love. It may not even be your own stuff, it may be passed down through the generations, you're the recipient of the entire ancestral tree. If something like this comes up for you, it's because you're here to heal it. All of us were created for Divine love and our Twin Flames. There is a place in God's heart that belongs just to you. Return to the truth that love was always promised you. Bring in the Divine to this place, it's been divinely orchestrated to bring you through what doesn't serve you.💜

🌸These things often come up when you have turned a corner in your healing journey and you've deepened your commitment. When we go deeper it can appear that everything's going to pot. What's really happening is that we're facing the stuff that caused the ripples of everything we've been clearing to get to this point. It can look huge close up but in truth, no block is any bigger than another. Near the core, there are the core statements about being unlovable and the pretty universal abandonment wound, eternally chasing love, seeking approval etc etc, take it as it resonates and feel free to add a few of your own. It's OK to get down and dirty with these feelings that come up, because this is the place to bring Divine Love in. Be kind to yourself here. There's a lot of family healing taking place here too, you don't need God's approval, you are a perfect Divine child of love and light, you have an innate, inherent, intrinsic Divinity. Come home to yourself in your heart.💐

🌻You can fix this, love yourself, receive all of yourself, Goddess has a place in Her heart where you fit and so do you. Bring the rejected parts of you home, God's promise is God's promise, Harmonious Union is for you, it's yours, it's just a case of getting into a space where you can see the door to it in your heart. Love heals absolutely everything. One pointer. When something happens, the instinctive default response is often to tell the Twin, but make sure you heal and work through everything because if you're working through a pattern of a belief of not being allowed love while trying to connect with them, what are they going to reflect to you? Heal first. However, if they may not necessarily overtly feel individual events that are occurring for you, if you follow up with the deep healing then that certainly will be felt by your Twin, in some way or another.☔

💕Doing the healing allows the physical pattern to release, and in doing so you upgrade. It's OK to let go of the past and let everything be new with your person, you don't need to hang onto things that hold memories for you, these items are not the love you seek. You're the love. It isn't what came before but what's coming now, the love is you. You're the love, you'll be given not the love you had before with your person but something much better with them. Coming back together if that is your case, isn't about bringing back the past but receiving the fully healed, eternal version, although a lot of the journey has been about going back to heal what was.🌴

🍂If reaching out to your Twin in times of crisis is your first instinct, what are your motives? To perfectly understandably receive sympathy and get some love? That's where you need to go right now, find the place that will manifest extreme situations to get some love and give this part of yourself all the love it needs, what you require you can provide, so provide exactly what's needed. Make the effort to show you care, your manifestation will show you how strong your desire for love is. Reaffirm you yourself that you won't leave yourself, your self love will heal that pattern as you show up for yourself. You're showing up for your Twin Flame too, it will help your Harmonious Union become softer, gentler and easier. Show up for yourself every day. And when you're in a place of peace, by all means reach out to your Twin Flame. Twin Flames don't respond to control, they wouldn't be able to, and love doesn't come from your person, they're not your Source. Allow the pattern to leave. Choose for your Harmonious Union to be natural, easy smooth and effortless. Look at how far you've come and the understanding you have gained in a short space of time, which continues to grow and deepen.🍧

And Now You Can See What This Clearing Out Has made Space For!🌴

💕Your Twin Flame is yours, they can't be with another, any more than you can. Don't look to the outside, God/Goddess is always unexpected, surrender the how and the when to the Divine. If you have already made the choice not to settle, that on it's own won't clear the pattern, but it brings up the feelings to heal through. Not only is having this love possible, but it is your Divine right, not just to be happy but to have a completely fulfilled life. Love, fun play, partnership, connection, closeness, all areas. It's the Divine who can satisfy your every desire, bring the fullness of God/Goddess to all your desires.🌳

🍈If you have looked for love on the outside, even from your Twin, your Twin will look for love outside of the Union, whatever the activity, it's coming from a place of emptiness. When things aren't running perfectly smoothly, there's a message being delivered. Signs are an inner prompt, they're the Divine saying that this is the way to your Harmonious Union. Have compassion for yourself, it's OK to be learning.🍷

🌊"With your Twin Flame there is a different set of rules to a non Twin Flame. You're literally one at the core. As you choose love and healing they experience the resulting unity as well and you will begin to notice positive inner and outer results within your Union. As you notice the signs as you do the inner work to genuinely heal the upsets you experience the peace, relief and togetherness you deserve in your life and with your Twin Flame." Twin Flames, Finding Your Ultimate Lover.💥

💜Your power is sacred and Divine, your beingness is Divine for your perfect life with your perfect person, if your Twin Flame doesn't like your actions and choices (it goes both ways), love and happiness is still yours. You're most important next to God, make the commitment to show up for yourself every single time, before even your Twin Flame. You can't have that love unless you give it to yourself first and only when you're fully loved can your Twin Flame step into love with you. From here you can see how your Union takes shape, it can't exist with lots of misaligned beliefs present, you're really making room for a healthy solid Union. God is just. You're created for your perfect love with your perfect person, a Twin Flame pair is a Twin Flame pair. This is what you're doing now, every step you take is a slab in your foundation, making it really strong. If you're feeling resistance to believing you can have it all, choose for it to be fun and easy.🌻

💐Focus on the light and love in all, even third parties have a purpose, they highlight wounds and patterns of codependency to be resolved. Once your Harmonious Union arrives it will be super fast. Knowing that you will have all that you desire, surrender attachment to results, the when and the how. Trust the Divine, who is your real Ultimate Lover, who manifests through the body of your Twin Flame. One can be taken aback by how many times one has to resurrender on this journey. Now is the time to surrender deeper then ever. At and earlier stage one may have taken leaps of faith and given it over to s higher power, the difference now is instead of saying, 'OK, over to You, God,' it's time to focus on that relationship and that is what brings you your Twin Flame. Developing a relationship with the Divine and making that the first priority.🍇

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