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Union Coming In, Don't Doubt, Your Twin Flame Is Your Heart🌀

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

🌷🌸Remember, it's never about what's going on with your Twin Flame, but the feeling that goes with it. There's no need to try to work things out, figure things out, or find a pattern, it's just about the healing. You can't compare two journeys either, you can look at similar energies that show up, but above all, remember, you're not powerless. No one can ever be happy living without their heart, knowing that you chose not to settle, is there still any part of you that feels they can only have a one sided love? You do know differently, but there may still be a part of you that still believes otherwise still there in consciousness. You won't be experiencing one sided love anymore. That's gone, it's no longer a part of your reality, it's part of separation consciousness. Everything that's happening around you is an opportunity to heal something, and if your attention is brought to any situation, there's something there for you.💜

🌵🌱The old relationship dynamic that's being healed through in the collective right now is one partner knowing they're settling but they're going to delude themselves into believing there's something there, and that's what everyone's doing who's not with their Twin Flame, either on one side or the other. Sometimes people know, sometimes they numb out, one only needs to numb out if they know they're not happy and know they're not living from their heart. In the future there won't be a choice to numb out, people will have transcended it. Anyone resisting the Twin Flame idea is not believing they can have love so they're pushing it away, it's the only reason people settle.🥑

🌺🌷Union is coming in though. It's OK if you don't know what's going on 'over there,' so you don't have to presuppose anything, God's got that handled, you'll soon be seeing the unseen. Are you still feeling little bits of doubt? If you are it's nothing to worry about. Reconnect to the truth that you are one with Love, that's it. Nothing can separate you from Love, no pattern has power over your Love. Just choose your heart, that is God, all you need to do is choose your heart and release the fear, that releases any obstacle or situation. The energy that's saying there's doubt in you. We're going into ever more subtle places in your Union, of finding these little places tucked away and being really present with everything. Before, the blocks were more obvious, more impactful, now they're much more subtle. To dismantle the settling energy, it's about aligning deeper with your truth. We're aiming for perfection, we don't want to settle for anything less than a flawless surface to build our Union on.🍷

🍊🧡It helps to know you're actively supporting your energy as the 'can't quite have this' energy is leaving consciousness, the 'too good to be true, i can't have this so I'm going to have something else.' It's literally the belief of, 'I can't have my heart, I have to have not my heart, can't have the Love, have to have fear.' It feels terrible, living without one's heart feels dreadful. We are so done with all that crap. We can't be too thorough on this journey, it's your consciousness, it can't be too pristine, that's how you have your Perfect Union. Take as much rest as you need, claim your energy back, understand your energy's going to be flowing as you use energy. Every time you step up in terms of energy and presence and maintain it, you'll get more. How are you feeling about communication right now? It's OK to be nervous, it's OK to be scared, you can't expect yourself to not have feelings. Every feeling that comes up is a window of opportunity to bring Love there. Assure yourself that the Love's always here, no one can take it from you, you're one with the Divine.🌞

❤🍒The Love you feel in your heart, which connects to all of yourself, your Twin Flame and the Divine, that's just how you were created to be, no Love 'over there,' you're not deprived or separate from love, and when you send any message, it's not to get anything. The idea of communication is to express Love. If that's not acknowledged, how do you feel about it Bring validation there, when you are validated by only the Divine, it makes you absurdly powerful. It makes you someone who needs nothing externally, who knows their Source is within. That's the way to have a healthy Union. If feelings of abandonment come up, they're bound to, go and be with yourself, and in this place, connect with yourself, and in this place connect with your heart. Know that you desire yourself and you can never be separate, Love was always there, Love was always present, claim yourself. You may need to do this again and again and again as this comes up, it's a tidying up of consciousness.💋

💧🍧If there's any unease, go and be with it, surrender the story to the Divine and bring in peace, change the record, your special brand of peace is going to be for you, your very own calm, comfort, constant stability, flow, joyfully alive, growing, expansive, deeper and deeper with each layer and feeling. There will be subtle pieces of unease that surface. Because you've been here before, you have to go back and rework it, walk the same path as before, but this time you're going there with Love. Releasing the way we did it before, all the hurt feelings come up again, but this time we've got the tools to move through it. Everything's happening perfectly, there are no mistakes. everything comes down to the energy, if it's currently anxious or uncomfortable, one's not attracted to uneasy, but one's attracted to Love, Fill up with Love in that space, be in the attractive flow. 💙

🍄🍁There's nothing stopping you right now from having that conversation with them, if you feel guided to do that. You can't harm your Union by loving. Make sure you're loving first, that your message is about loving them. Is there anything more in your heart you could've shared? Authentic communication isn't about holding back. Is there a part of you that feel like they need to hold Love? trying to plan isn't how God works. Are you afraid of creeping your Twin Flame out if you're open and honest? Does Love creep you out? There's nothing to be afraid of, do you want your own Love? Go to that part of yourself that's afraid to scare yourself away with your own Love, no need to be scared of yourself, you have a lot of Love for yourself, you don't need to hold back. You don't need to avalanche someone either, be appropriate, but you never need to hold back Love, Love wishes to express. There are ways to express that to someone who you may not have seen in a while that are very loving and open. Your Twin Flame wants authentic Love because they're you, they won't be attracted to holding back out of fear.💖

🍃🌴Go to the place where you're scared and love that fear away, get to the truth, you loving you. Choose to totally love yourself, choose to completely give yourself this Love, choose to absolutely receive your own Love. It's a process of subtly finding all the places where you're scared to love and be loved. It doesn't mean you've failed, it just means you've gone deeper so you can do something about it. Just find the final spaces where communication's not flowing. Whatever you're doing, they're doing, they see you, they're watching you, looking at your picture, they won't let you know, they'll admit what they want to admit, but you can be sure there's nothing getting past them. They may or may not have the full awareness to be able to move forward yet and that's what we're working on. everything has to unfold in the way it's meant to.🌻

🍇💜There is currently an energy present of a sudden surprise coming in as you release more separation, make every part of your day about loving yourself. Meditate on melting those last communication blocks, and all sorts of things come up, Union has been close for some time. People's Union's are ready to pop at any moment. Surrender it to the Divine, keep on loving yourself, you can't fail, Love never fails. It's insanity to give up on Love now, it's like saying, 'I take my heart and I throw it away.' No one can live like that. That's it, Love is ours, it's going to happen and all we're doing is choosing Love and to be in our hearts, and so are our Twin Flames. That's all it is, it's simply that. They can choose to stay living without their heart and be miserable or they can choose to go with their heart, just like you're doing.🌀

🔥🔥Because of the depth at which you're working and focusing on the self, your Twin Flame will have to do a bit of internalising. You may not know what's going on 'over there' in their lives but your Twin Flame will be working as hard as you are, and you're working damn hard, so imagine what they must be experiencing within themselves. There's a great deal of change going on, they'll be having to align their lives to fit with their hearts, because that's what we've done. It does mean significant change, and possible awareness coming in that they didn't have before, understanding, emotion, Heaven knows what, it could be pretty full on. we don't know and that's why we have compassion and patience. If you were the Divine and you had one Twin doing the full on healing and the other heavily in the illusion and working through it in a different way, when Union's close, the other person's awareness has to shift so they can actively move towards the Union. If you're the one doing all the work, your Twin Flame may suddenly have this moment when their life shifts very quickly. Just love yourself and everything falls into place. Your Twin Flame may get the awareness very fast, and while you're meditating and tuning into your Union, they begin to experience that sense of Union in their heart. That may be what's going on Something has to shift and it starts energetically.💟

💙💧It couldn't happen sooner because it wouldn't be appropriate or compassionate. It's bloody well happening now, Union energy's coming in, as you communicate with yourself, you come into that readiness, the external will shift. It's safe to communicate with yourself in a loving way. Any day now! Focus on the subtleties coming up, surrender. They're at it over there, they're coming into their awareness, trust that. There may be a batch of Unions about to happen. Heal the settling for less energy, you deserve only Love, let fear go, bring Love there.🌸

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