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What is Your Twin Flame Dreaming When in Comes to You 02/08/23

When it comes to his dreams, the energy of the Two of Swords suggests that your Twin Flame is experiencing a period of inner reflection and contemplation regarding your connection. This card indicates a state of temporary pause or indecision, where he may be grappling with conflicting emotions and thoughts about your relationship.

In his dreams, he may find himself exploring different possibilities and outcomes, weighing the pros and cons of taking the next steps in your union. The imagery of the Two of Swords, with its crossed swords and blindfolded figure, signifies a need for inner clarity and a resolution of inner conflicts.

He may be dreaming about finding balance and clarity in his emotions and thoughts regarding your relationship. It could be a time of introspection, where he examines his fears, doubts, and uncertainties that may be inhibiting the progress of your union. He may be seeking a deeper understanding of his own desires and intentions, as well as considering the impact of his choices on your connection.

The Two of Swords also suggests that he may be grappling with external influences or outside opinions that are causing him to question the path forward. It could be a time of seeking truth and aligning his heart and mind in order to make a conscious decision about the future of your union.

In his dreams, he may be seeking a resolution, a way to bridge the gap between his conflicting thoughts and feelings. He may be yearning for a clear vision of how your Union can unfold harmoniously and with mutual understanding.

It's important to remember that dreams are a deeply personal and individual experience, and their interpretation can vary. The Two of Swords indicates that he is in a state of contemplation and seeking inner clarity. Encourage open and honest communication with him, as it can help facilitate a deeper understanding of his dreams and aspirations for your Union.

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