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What is Your Twin Flame Dreaming When it Comes to You? 07/08/23

When it comes to his dreams, the energy of the Ten of Wands suggests that your Twin Flame may be experiencing a sense of burden or overwhelm in relation to your connection. This card represents the weight of responsibilities and challenges that he may perceive in your union.

In his dreams, he may find himself carrying a heavy load, symbolizing the various obligations and expectations he associates with your relationship. It could indicate that he feels a sense of pressure or struggle when it comes to navigating the complexities and commitments involved.

He may be dreaming about finding a way to release this burden, seeking a sense of freedom and lightness within your connection. His dreams may reflect a desire to find a more balanced and manageable approach to the challenges you both face together.

The Ten of Wands can also indicate a need for delegation and support. In his dreams, he may be yearning for assistance or collaboration in shouldering the responsibilities that come with your union. He may be seeking a sense of shared effort and cooperation, recognizing that it is not solely his duty to carry the weight of the relationship on his own.

It's important to approach this with compassion and understanding, as the Ten of Wands can also suggest that he may have been shouldering the burdens of your connection for some time. Encourage open and honest communication to explore ways in which you can both share the responsibilities and lighten the load together.

Assure him that you are there to support him and that you are willing to share the challenges and triumphs of your union. By offering a helping hand and demonstrating your commitment to mutual growth, you can help alleviate the pressures he may be feeling in his dreams and in waking life.

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