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What is Your Twin Flame Dreaming When it Comes to You? 10/08/23

When it comes to his dreams, the energy of the Three of Wands suggests that your Twin Flame is envisioning a future filled with growth, expansion, and shared ambitions in your union. This card represents the anticipation and excitement of new possibilities.

In his dreams, he may see himself standing at a vantage point, looking out into the horizon with a sense of hope and confidence. He envisions a world of potential and is inspired by the possibilities that your connection holds. He dreams about the adventures and accomplishments that you can achieve together.

The Three of Wands indicates that he is dreaming of co-creating a future that aligns with your shared visions and desires. He sees the potential for success, both individually and as a couple. He may be dreaming about the projects, goals, and dreams you can pursue as a team, and the fulfillment and joy that come from manifesting your dreams together.

This card also signifies a sense of collaboration and partnership. He may be dreaming about the ways in which you complement each other's strengths, supporting and encouraging one another on your journey. He envisions a relationship where you can both thrive and bring out the best in each other.

It's important to acknowledge and appreciate his dreams of a bright future. Engage in conversations about your shared goals and aspirations, and express your excitement and commitment to building a life together. Encourage him to share his dreams and aspirations with you, and let him know that you are fully invested in manifesting them alongside him.

By nurturing your shared vision and working together towards your dreams, you can create a strong foundation for your union and experience the fulfillment and growth that he dreams of.

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