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Your Twin Flame Is Calling You To Even Deeper Surrender* 🌺

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

No one is concerned about how long it takes someone else to learn their lesson, you can look to someone else not for comparison, but even then, there's no possible metric for comparison for how you verses other people handle stuff. It's OK to take your time, only toy know what your lessons are like to work through. Others have their own stuff, your process is between you and the Divine. If you're currently experiencing changes or challenges in your Union, remember, your Twin Flame belongs with the Divine. It's safe to let go and surrender them to the Divine, you belong with the Divine too. Surrender yourself to God, God belongs to you and your Twin Flame belongs with God. Through God, you'll find them. The Divine, the Source of your joy, brings you your lover, is your Love. Send everyone to God, release control. it can be scary, but control won't make your Twin Flame come any closer. release them to God, focus on the inner work, resolve blocks with God and feel closer to your Twin Flame. They're saying right now, 'You do you and I'll do me.' that's their lesson, when you do you, it attracts them, it's safe to do you. What do you need you to do? Surrender, honour your desire. They're showing you how to do that too. You do you.

We're all in debt to the Divine, who gave you everything in your life. Have gratitude in your purpose of serving all of humanity, in your own unique way, with the Love of your Eternal Life. Continue to serve the Divine as you walk the path and don't stop. It'll only feel nice where you are, even in Harmonious Union, because you're moving. Union and wealth and Life Purpose are all borrowed, they're all a debt to God. If you keep moving, God will give you more credit, we'll live on credit till Perfect Union or full enlightenment. God has faith in you that you'll continue to hold what you offer Him. God entrusts you with more responsibility, and with faith you serve Him. How does God ask you to serve Him? By spending your whole life in surrendered service to God. Your whole life arises from these Divine gifts you receive in return. It's safe to be in this vulnerable and surrendered position.

How can you trust God? God will never abandon you or let you be abandoned, unless you vigorously choose abandonment. Be so vulnerable that you can't run away. You're God's design, you belong to Him. Authenticity makes people trust you, that's what builds authority and reputation, not perfection. Don't judge yourself for your problems, don't run for the hills because you think God will abandon you, it's always you abandoning you. face down the scariest thing in your reality. The Divine has always been in charge, is perfect, but is asking you to do your part. Serve the Divine how She asks. Are you having a good time pursuing your dreams, growing what the Divine planted in your heart? Don't disrespect or squander your Divine gifts and you get to be around Her. Keep going, face down your fears, there's nothing to be afraid of. You don't belong to the world, you belong to God. Come closer to the Divine and come closer to your Twin Flame, they're one and the same. If you choose to come close to God, you'll be blessed big time, you'll feel that Divine Love flowing through you. With that closeness, comes a high price, your purification. You can only sustain that closeness when your mastery catches up, it takes away your ego.

Society is a machine that responds to your input. It's OK if you make a mistake, move forward, this is a system we're perfecting, appreciating the process. You can always forgive, nothing can take you away from your Divinity, that's inclusive of all faults, fuck ups, guilt and shame. You will make mistakes, celebrate them, don't be afraid of the stuff you're going through, ask God to show you where you're missing the mark. You're totally and unequivocally free in God, because you know God, you have all knowing. Surrender, God is navigating. You won't know what you'll go through with your Twin Flame, only God makes them happy, choose God first and you'll emanate love to your Twin Flame. God will indicate you're getting closer. The meaning you seek comes from a much grander act. The inner work matters so much, don't be afraid of your high position in humanity, it's commending your power. If you want your desire, commit and demand it, your Twin Flame won't do that for you, you do it. You create it through your relationship with the Divine, not with your person.

There may be two versions of you, one may be, for example one version; 'I'm fabulous, I've got it going on,' the other version may be a bit nerdy and anxious. That's OK, you don't have to be the superhero all the time. Accept the nerd, the nerd has sweetness and innocence and eccentricity. the sexiest is also the nerdiest. Accept yourself for who you are, don't ask yourself to be perfect, don't place expectations on yourself, be the superhero when you're in the mood. Don't put too much on your Twin Flame before they're ready, they need you to not put your anxiety on them. As soon as you do, they'll find new rules to be around you, they'll worm their way into your life. If they say, 'sod off,' they don't mean it. Own your nerd, don't put it on them and they'll be so attracted to them as you're just what they want. The information leads you to the solution, have self respect, don't be needy or controlling, be OK with you as you are. This area needs to be handled, don't give them what's not for them, it's a process. Have patience with yourself, recognise your Twin Flame is being patient with you. the closer to God you get, the stronger you'll be, it doesn't make you strong to be away from God. appreciate the little, everyday miracles you experience, lots of little breakthroughs become something big.

If you're not talking, what do you do with it? You do the Mirror Exercise, and after that the breakthroughs come. If your Twin Flame is with someone else, what they're doing is exploring. Often, when one Twin decides to commit, the other starts seeing someone else. They know what's there, but a part of them may have been scared and unclear, this is a scary relationship to get this deep into. You may have yourself, explored if someone else was the right person, and it may have felt bad. The exploration makes you clear. But do you honestly believe that God created one person for you and then created some other person for them? Is true love for everyone or just for a lucky few? It's for everyone, you included. You may have to prove it to yourself. If this is the prison we're escaping from, it's OK to take your time to prove it. It would change everything in your life if you did. the world has relationship rules, and if you follow them, you'll have a relationship. That's not a happy thing, the world is a cruel thought system based on settling, and the diminishment of your Divinity. Are you going to settle or find out if this Twin flame thing is real. do you want to settle or do you want perfect love. It's a different price to pay.

Can you find satisfaction the way the world offers? Have you tried it? How is your Twin Flame different to the others? You've found the person with whom you can be completely satisfied with. It comes down to whether or not Twin Flames are real, because, if you're unclear, your Twin Flame will mirror that. You can't manipulate God to give you your Twin Flame, God won't prove they're real in the way that you want. Continue applying these teachings in all areas, love the Divine first. If you want different results to the world's, you require a different way of thinking. The world wants you to be part of it's reality, which sucks. Have faith, you must leave the world behind if you want your Twin Flame, to live life as one with joy and purpose with them. This is far superior to the world's thought system. Keep believing in true love. Follow your heart constantly, believe, move towards your desires.

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