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Union with Your Twin Flame manifests when you have cleared the blocks to Love that are held within your consciousness. Using the Mirror Exercise, the only tool you need for purifying consciousness, my job is to help you navigate and work through  all the feelings that arise about your situation and guide you deeper into Love, all the way into your Harmonious Twin Flame Union and beyond. 

Cancellation policy: All sessions and packages are not refundable in the event of no show or a client choosing to end the relationship. Rescheduling must be done 48 hours in advance.

#40  50% Off  Introductory Session
30 Minutes  $36

Are you new to the Twin Flame journey? Or perhaps you would just like to know how an Ascension Coach can help you to heal the blocks to your Union.

Choosing the right Coach is very important and I look forward to meeting you in this Introductory Session, where I will help you to heal and choose the next steps on your journey to Harmonious Union!

Sessions held online via Zoom.

Group Coaching, 1 Hour

Every Wednesday 3pm EST

$80 USD for 4 Weekly Sessions

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Enjoy the considerable benefits of group healing 

For students choosing to go deeper into Jeff and Shaleia's teachings at Twin Flames Universe and who have already begun using the Mirror Exercise as shown in "Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover" book - available on Amazon.

*Essential Criteria: to join this group you must be actively healing blocks to purchasing your Twin Flame Ascension School or Life Purpose Class membership. 

Unions count as one booking! 

Join with others on the Twin Flame journey and heal together every week. You don't have to do this journey alone!

Sessions held online via Zoom.

#40  Introductory Package
3 Sessions (45 minutes) $ 149 USD

For new clients, a way to experience the benefits and evolution of subsequent coaching sessions for a discounted price. You are created to be in Love and this is a great way to move deeper into Love.

Sessions held online via zoom

#40  Coaching Session
One Hour  $ 72 USD

Allow yourself to be guided, in a loving and compassionate way, to discover and heal ALL the blocks to your Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame.


You are meant to live life together and it is safe to claim this Divine Truth. Healing can be fun and easy, let me show you how!

Sessions held online via Zoom.

#40  Coaching Package,4 Sessions
4 x 1hr ~ $233 USD

On the Twin Flame journey, it's easy to feel you're not moving forward. Does it feel like everything's falling apart? Do you see no way through this? Don't worry, I can be of help. I teach a simple step by step process to guarantee success on your journey!

All sessions held online via Zoom

Bumper Package, 8 Sessions
Best Value! $412 USD

This bumper package is by far the best value. All sessions will be conducted over Zoom or Skype, please make sure you have at least one of them downloaded on your smartphone, computer or tablet prior to the session. If you are using Zoom, I will send a link to your email or Messenger a few minutes before the session.

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