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Facing Fear in Love: Why Your Twin Flame Is Hesitant

Their fear seems to revolve around the concept of freedom and the potential changes that your connection might bring. They might be afraid that fully committing to this connection could limit their sense of personal freedom or independence.

It's possible that they value their individuality and fear that being in a committed relationship might mean giving up certain aspects of their autonomy. This fear could be rooted in past experiences where they felt restricted or constrained in a relationship.

They might also worry about the responsibilities and obligations that come with a deep and committed connection. The idea of a serious relationship might trigger feelings of being tied down or obligated to prioritize the relationship over other aspects of their life.

Their fear could also relate to a fear of the unknown. Committing to a deeper connection with you might mean stepping into uncharted territory, which can be both exciting and unsettling.

To address their fear, open and honest communication about your expectations, boundaries, and shared values is crucial. Assure them that a healthy relationship can coexist with personal freedom and that your connection is based on mutual understanding and respect.

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