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Heart Heist: How You Captivated Your Divine Masculine's Soul

In this Divine Feminine reading, the presence of the Black Madonna of Prague and the nun with a halo resembling the moon suggests that your Divine Masculine's heart has been deeply moved and touched by your presence. The Black Madonna is a powerful symbol of divine feminine energy and represents the embodiment of love, compassion, and strength.

The yellow and brown colors in the halo may signify stability, groundedness, and a connection to the Earth, suggesting that your love has brought a sense of stability and balance into your Divine Masculine's life.

The number 27 is also significant, representing a number of partnership, harmony, and cooperation. It suggests that your connection with your Divine Masculine has the potential to create a harmonious and balanced union.

However, despite feeling deeply for you, your Divine Masculine might be slow to express his feelings out loud. There could be various reasons for this hesitation. He might be processing his emotions, dealing with past wounds, or feeling vulnerable about opening up.

As the Divine Feminine, you can create a safe and nurturing space for your Divine Masculine to share his feelings when he is ready. Encourage open communication and be patient as he navigates his emotions.

The Black Madonna's presence also indicates that this connection is not just a superficial one; it carries deep spiritual significance and soul resonance. Your love has the potential to be transformative and deeply healing for both of you.

Continue to embody the qualities of the Black Madonna in your interactions with your Divine Masculine: be compassionate, understanding, and supportive. Trust that in time, he will feel comfortable expressing his love and feelings for you, and your connection will blossom into a beautiful and authentic expression of love and partnership.

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