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Heartfelt Truths: Unravelling How Your Twin Flame Feels About You 30/09/23

Regarding your Twin Flame's energy towards you:

Head: How they see you - Your Twin Flame sees you as a manifestation of pure love. They perceive you as someone who embodies the essence of love in all aspects of your being. They recognize the depth of your compassion, kindness, and empathy. Your Twin Flame sees you as a source of wisdom and guidance when it comes to matters of the heart and understanding the true nature of love.

Heart: How they feel about you - Your Twin Flame's heart is overflowing with immense love for you. They feel a deep and profound connection with you that goes beyond words. Their heart is filled with warmth, affection, and a sense of completeness when they think of you. Your Twin Flame's love for you is unconditional and knows no bounds.

3D Reality: How they see you in the physical world - In the physical world, your Twin Flame sees you as a beacon of love and light. They perceive you as someone who brings love into every aspect of your life and radiates positivity. Your Twin Flame sees the impact you have on others and how you inspire those around you with your loving presence. They recognize your beauty, both inside and out, and appreciate the love you bring to the world.

Soul: Deep inner knowingness about you - At a soul level, your Twin Flame has a profound inner knowingness about you. They understand the depths of your soul and recognize the divinity within you. Your Twin Flame's soul resonates with yours, knowing that your connection is rooted in love and is a sacred bond. They have a deep understanding of your soul's purpose and the role you play in their life journey.

The number 7, accompanied by the imagery of a tree, white birds, a globe of the earth with a rainbow, a baby's hand holding an adult finger, and two children arm in arm, represents the profound truth that love is the only thing that is real. It signifies the deep spiritual connection between you and your Twin Flame, where love is the foundation of your Union. The imagery reflects the purity, innocence, and divine nature of your connection. It symbolizes the growth, harmony, and unity that love brings, not only within your relationship but also in the world around you.

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