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Twin Flames ~ Showing You Your Blocks & How to Clear Them ~ Be Happy While Honouring Your Desire🍋

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

🔥🔥In a previous post, I talked about the many ways in which your Twin may be avoiding Love,

pushing love away. Get clear, if you perceive them as doing that. who's actually doing that? You are. What's the real truth? Where are we really pushing away? God. Our Twins are always

reflecting our relationship with the Divine. The answer to their behaviour is always us and

always connected to our relationship with Source.💐

💚Where are you rejecting the Divine? Where are the places you're not loving yourself

unconditionally? Their experience is just a reflection of your own. Your connection to them is

within, have that dialogue, I spoke at length in a previous blog about the internal connection.

This conversation is the conversation of your Union, clean it up, if you're calling him or her a rotten old git, please stop. Accept them, love them, it's in love that you actually magnetise each other.💖

🌺You're in connection, communication and in conversation with them right now, that's what a master does. If you're calling them a rotten old git, what are you telling yourself? They're you. How do you heal that? Move into that beautiful peace that you're aware of. The part of you that feels the need to call them a rotten old git, is that how it feels about itself? Bring Divine love to this place. This part of you is as divine as the rest of you, pure, radiant, beautiful and innocent.💘

💙It'll bring you closer to your Twin Flame. Whatever experience you're having with them they're using it to root out your own self prejudice and self judgement. If your beloved isn't choosing you right now, for example, they're asking you to look at where you're not living your authentic life, believing in fear and deceiving yourself by believing you can't quite have that love. Why would there be a third party if it doesn't make sense in Divine truth? Part of us believes we can't have the real deal. They're reflecting where we're settling for less so we mirror it within ourselves.💯

🌷You can have this Love of a lifetime, you don't have to settle for less than anything other than

absolute perfection. Anywhere where you've accepted that anything less is OK, root it out, love yourself there. This mirroring is all they're doing, they're over there living a settled, uncomfortable existence, settling for less, never satisfied, never OK with it. You can do the work and free them. They're living through gritted teeth and that's the life that we've been living, also reflected. We're the ones who are rooted in the truth but we're still unpicking the lie, we're still in a lie of separation too it's just that we have insight. Where are you settling for less? Where are you choosing the safe thing? It doesn't matter if you can't find the specific thing, maybe you're afraid of something like getting hurt?🥀

💛Surrender all those places in your consciousness where you feel like you're protecting yourself and your feelings.💥

❤️How to ne Happy With Where You Are Whilst Honouring Your Desire🎈

😍It's easy to feel stuck and confused about this issue because it seems like a paradox. Part of you says I need to be OK with where I am at, and happy with what I've currently got, but I also need to be OK with my desire for Harmonious Union. What's the solution? Choose our desire! Our power is in our choice. Realise this desire isn't here yet, and in doing so, it's ours. Nothing to do but choose and in the choosing, we allow ourselves to go towards it. We don't need to be dissatisfied with where we are, but in that dissatisfaction, we're actually being honest, this is not OK, it's not what I want. Feeling the desire and knowing we can have it are two different things.🥰

🍰You can feel the desire but if you don't believe you can have it. the desire itself becomes painful. When you feel the desire for Harmonious Union, what comes up? An ego bollocks list of BS excuses for why you can't have it. Surrender those excuses. Choose to trust the Divine, The Divine is bringing you your desires. The Divine knows exactly how to do that. How can you trust the Divine more? By choosing to trust Her and allowing it to happen. Release resistance to trusting. Surrender feels peaceful because you're not having to do the work in your own consciousness. Give up grasping, just choose it, how does that feel? Peace is where Harmonious Union is. Great love and passion is present within peace. The heart connection is Harmonious Union.💐

Harmonious Union is completely peaceful.

💜There are many different foundations, Doing your Life Purpose allows your Union to be solid in that area, same with finances, home life, sexuality. Harmonious Union is knowing you're one at the core. Peace means you're moving into the vibe of Harmonious Union. Any areas on inner connection that feel off, stop, mirror, and heal it. One day the love's flowing, the next it isn't. It just means you've gone deeper, the previous level of Love is attained and you've just got more Love. The more you love, the more that binds them to that other situation dissolves. It may look like they've got more involved with the situation, but they're following the Love you're pouring in, which eventually will reveal that you're their person in their heart and no one else.💟

🌍That comes by loving unconditionally, the more we're anti the Love, the more we lock them into their situation, the more we love unconditionally, the less appealing it is to them. They're not outside of you, they are with you now, they are you.🗺️

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