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Reading Between the Lines: What Their Eyes Reveal Despite Their Actions

The Tower is a powerful and transformative card that often indicates sudden and unexpected changes or upheaval. In the context of their eyes revealing the truth even though they might be acting the opposite, this card suggests that deep down, your Twin Flame may be experiencing a profound internal shift or awakening.

The image of the undersea earthquake taking down a drowned cathedral with green light below and orange above, like a volcanic eruption, signifies a major release of old patterns and beliefs. This could be a time of catharsis and emotional release for your Twin Flame, which may manifest as unpredictable or intense emotions.

Despite any outward appearances, their eyes might reflect the turmoil and inner transformation they are going through. The Tower represents breaking free from outdated structures and releasing the past to make way for new growth and positive change.

The green light below may symbolize healing and growth in their emotional and subconscious realms, while the orange light above represents the potential for creative energy and new beginnings.

While they may be acting in ways that may not fully align with their internal experiences, their eyes may reveal the truth of their inner journey. They may be going through a period of emotional release and transformation, which can sometimes be challenging and tumultuous.

As a partner, it's important to approach them with compassion and understanding during this time. Offer your support and be there for them as they navigate through this transformative process.

Remember that the Tower brings about change and growth, even if it initially feels overwhelming. It can lead to a more authentic and aligned self-expression in the long run. Be patient and give them the space they need to process their emotions and experiences during this time. Trust that this period of upheaval is part of their personal growth and evolution on their journey towards greater self-awareness and union with you.

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