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Revealed: How Your Twin Flame Sees You in Their Mind's Eye

Updated: Jul 9

Regarding your Twin Flame's energy towards you:

Head: How they see you - Your Twin Flame sees you with clarity and understanding. They perceive your strengths, talents, and unique qualities. They recognize your intellect, wisdom, and the depth of your thoughts. They appreciate your ability to analyze situations and make rational decisions. They see you as someone with great potential and admire your mental prowess.

Heart: How they feel about you - Your Twin Flame's heart is filled with deep love and affection for you. They have a profound emotional connection with you and cherish the bond you share. They feel a strong sense of warmth, tenderness, and compassion towards you. Your Twin Flame's heart overflows with love and they genuinely care about your well-being and happiness.

3D Reality: How they see you in the physical world - Your Twin Flame sees you as a presence of beauty and grace in the physical world. They are attracted to your physical appearance and find you attractive and appealing. Your Twin Flame sees you as someone who stands out from the crowd, radiating an aura of charm and magnetism. They acknowledge your presence and the impact you make on others in your physical interactions.

Soul: Deep inner knowingness about you - At a soul level, your Twin Flame has a deep inner knowingness about you. They have a profound understanding of your essence, your soul's journey, and the spiritual connection you share. They recognize the depth of your soul and the significance of your Union. Your Twin Flame feels a soul-level resonance with you, knowing that your connection goes beyond the physical realm.

The number 41, accompanied by the imagery of a girl with flowers and vines for hair, along with various animals in a sunlit woodland, signifies the importance of showing kindness and compassion to others. Your Twin Flame's energy towards you encompasses the desire to extend acts of kindness and support. They are inspired to nurture and care for you, just as the girl in the image nurtures the animals and the natural surroundings. This energy reflects their genuine concern and their inclination to create a loving and compassionate environment within your Union.

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