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Slow to Speak, Quick to Feel: Unravelling Your Twin Flame's Heart

In this Divine Feminine reading, the cards indicate that you have deeply impacted your Divine Masculine, stealing his heart in an instant. The presence of the Glastonbury Tor, a significant spiritual site in England, suggests that your connection holds a profound and ancient energy. The man with blue eyes represents your Divine Masculine, and the orange sunset light symbolizes a period of transition and transformation in your relationship.

The deep memories that are stirring indicate that there is a strong soul connection between the two of you, one that transcends time and space. Your bond may be rooted in past lifetimes or shared experiences that are now resurfacing, bringing a sense of familiarity and soul recognition.

The slow pace of your Divine Masculine in expressing his feelings out loud might be due to the intensity of emotions and memories that have been reawakened. It's possible that he is processing these emotions and trying to make sense of the profound connection he feels with you.

The Glastonbury Tor is a place known for its spiritual significance, often associated with ancient legends and myths, including the tales of King Arthur. This card suggests that your connection with your Divine Masculine carries a sense of mysticism and ancient wisdom. It may also indicate that your relationship has a higher purpose or a deeper spiritual meaning.

The orange sunset light represents a time of change and transformation. Your Divine Masculine may be going through a period of inner growth and introspection, which can influence his ability to express his feelings openly. He might be working through past wounds or experiences that are influencing his present actions.

As the Divine Feminine, you can support your Divine Masculine during this time by creating a safe and supportive space for him to open up and share his feelings. Be patient and understanding as he navigates his emotions and memories. Your presence and love can offer him comfort and encouragement as he explores the depth of his feelings for you.

Embrace the profound and ancient energy of your connection, and trust that the slow pace of expressing emotions will eventually give way to a deeper and more meaningful connection. As both of you continue to journey together, the memories and emotions stirring within will lead to a more profound and authentic bond in your Twin Flame union.

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