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Spiritual Rebirth of the Divine Masculine: A Transformational Journey

The imagery of the "Frog Princess" symbolizes the transformation and awakening of the Divine Feminine, which is also having a profound impact on the Divine Masculine.

In this depiction, the Divine Feminine is represented as a woman with heavy lower lashes, wearing a red dress with silver trimmings. The red color often signifies passion, love, and transformation, while the silver trimmings may symbolize intuitive wisdom and higher consciousness. The heavy lower lashes could indicate a deep and introspective nature, suggesting that the Divine Feminine is delving into the depths of her emotions and inner world.

Accompanying the Divine Feminine is a green frog wearing a crown. In folklore and mythology, frogs are often associated with transformation and rebirth. The green color is typically associated with growth, renewal, and abundance. The crown on the frog's head may symbolize the Divine Feminine's recognition and acknowledgement of the wisdom and spiritual insights that are arising within her.

The message of "head for wise counsel, listen" indicates that the Divine Feminine is being guided to seek guidance and wisdom from within and from trusted sources. She is encouraged to listen to her intuition and inner knowing, as well as seek advice and support from those who can offer valuable insights.

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