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The Mechanic of Harmonious Twin Flame Union & False Experiences & Mass Surrender🌵

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

🥑For the people reading who already know their Twins, and have told them that you love them and choose them, how many got the response of that's not what I want or I don't feel the same? Why? Because they're not coming from the same part of your consciousness. They won't resonate with what you say until you dissolve the dissonance. They don't relate to that. They have the thing about you that they adore, but not in the arena that you're presenting to them. In other words, there's nothing you can say to them per se, to make them agree with you. It's not about arguing them into falling in love with you. Everyone's looking for the right thing to say, 'If only I said the thing that made them realise what they mean to me and would make them aware.' That's not it.💋

💙It's perfectly OK to be giddy and loved up and in love, but you're expecting something different from it than what you're getting. It'll bring you to them but it won't bring them to you. What will bring them to you is the awareness that your Harmonious Union is and was always there, and you get that awareness by diving into the most uncomfortable feeling. That's the mechanic. Surf the way into your fears. We know we're to love ourselves and to go to the place where you're afraid, do so on a regular basis. You're already there, nothing to say or do, just love yourself. Take this work and divine truth into every upset and realign it. Meet them where they are. In your heart is the place where your awareness already lies. When you meet someone where they are it means go into your heart, meet the fear and put truth there.🍧

😍Meeting someone where they're at, they're in fear, meet that fear. What are they scared of? Intimacy? not being enough? We don't know until we go into our heart. Every fear we release is their fear. Meet them where they're at and reveal the Harmonious Union that's already there.

"Dive the fuck into your fears, that's the way"

Afraid of true love? You can't be afraid of that, there must be something else that makes us afraid.

That we can't have it, that love's not real so suffering must be. There's a real moment in consciousness where you have to go one way or another. Stay in suffering or choose to step out of suffering. When we come into awareness of Harmonious Union, they may just arrive. I have the awareness, I'm here. Endeavouring deeper and deeper into mastery, a new layer of results

can unfold itself. Your fears don't exist, they're just illusions, they're not real and you're already with your Twin Flame, you don't know what it's like to not be with them, so feel good about it. Dive in and surrender.🌷

False Experiences and Mass Surrender🌀

🌱I'll now be talking about a rather delicate and sensitive subject This is not meant to trigger anyone, but it is what the energies are doing at the moment and it's too important not to talk about.

There have been a lot of Harmonious Unions happening simultaneously, over the past few days,

notably because it was revealed that all these particular individuals had been having false Twin experiences all along, and they were all very mastered, and their previous connections had been going on for several years. Everything's up in the air, this has been brought to us in this way, brought to out awareness so that we can attain a deeper level of surrender. The Divine is delivering your Twin Flame to you, and they're meeting you every step of the way, whether you realise it or not. No matter how sure you are about them, we're in a place where we have to continually surrender that. You may have had some mind blowing experiences with or about them, but none of that matters, you'll always be given the experiences you need to continue on your journey. The clue is, when a false one is released, they leave quickly and easily. With potentially a real one, you don't have to push them away, you just keep surrendering.💐

🌞"With a false one, literal hell breaks loose and everything inside of you is like, nope! Letting go of a false twin is easy, your Higher Self will say, 'Time to go.' and you're out. These relationships

can be really damaging, but no one doubts they're not the one when they do leave, it's often very toxic, all it does is take.

"With true Twins, every separation can be really hard, but they always return. You'll know the difference because one literally sucks the life out of you and you can feel them draining you, succubus energy. A true Twin Flame won't feel like that, even if you guys are going through the

process of triggering the hell out of each other and things look ugly.

"The thing is, something always pulls you back to your Twin, and you work on and heal. Self love is the key to your Twin Flame and the key out of false scenarios...Our hearts know the truth, drop in there, hear the Divine speak, and doubts fade away."

But we have to keep surrendering there, however weird that may seem.

You have to let everything you know go. They're always there in your heart, there's no reason to be afraid to challenge that. You really have known all along because your heart knows. This is why many Twins are with third parties, they don't really know until they know. When it's time to be revealed, the revealing's literally instant.

All the shock unions that happened recently in the circles I'm referring to here were with people who thought they were soul family. We have no option but to surrender, we have to trust the

Divine knows what's right for us. There's literally nothing else that you can control, surrender everything to the Divine, be present with yourself and your feelings.

💜There's a revealing process under way right now, kick started by these recent shock unions. One way or another, everyone's truth will come to light, the sorting process is already under way. Be balanced, no need to blindly cling to a person any more than there is any need for total indifference. Non-attachment and impartiality are the way. Sometimes the Divine Feminine Twin reveals the divine truth in stages, and their Divine Masculine suddenly has this BOOM moment. One minute they're living their old life, and in the next, WOAH! They're enlightened with their one true love. We don't know how it pans out for them, They may just get hints of something not feeling right. We all know what it's like to brush these moments aside and carry on. These moments add up to a bigger revelation.🌸

🍋All we want is our Twin Flames, all we want is our Harmonious Unions, the Divine, and everything else will fall into place because we are so loved. After all that effort, it'll be easy and effortless. Your Twin Flame wants you as much as you want them and they choose you because you're

choosing them. They're doing their job and as long as you honour it, it's OK. Surrender it. You never know what's coming next. If you're in a place of peace, your beloved can be in a place of

peace with you. There will be no trying to get. Harmonious Union is within us already have it. So there's a revealing process under way. Everyone's true Twins are being revealed, and all false scenarios are also being revealed, whether it's with one party, the other, or even both.

You already know the truth in your heart, don't be afraid to challenge that. You know that truth, surrender it.🌻

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