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Understanding the Reasons Behind Your Twin Flame's Silence 21/09/23

If your Twin Flame is ignoring you, it could be related to the way you express love through your actions. The message suggests that it is important to not only be kind to yourself in thought and intention but to also follow it up with tangible actions.

The image of a woman riding a green hawk with a landscape in its wings and holding an olive branch symbolizes the potential for growth, peace, and harmony. It signifies the need for proactive and loving actions in your connection with your Twin Flame.

Consider whether you are truly acting in a loving way towards yourself and taking practical steps to support your well-being. Are you honoring your own needs, boundaries, and desires? Are you demonstrating love and care towards yourself through your choices and behaviors?

It is essential to align your thoughts, intentions, and actions in a consistent and loving manner. By taking concrete steps to express your love through your actions, you can create a stronger and more authentic connection with your Twin Flame. This may involve self-care practices, setting healthy boundaries, making time for activities that bring you joy and fulfillment, and showing yourself compassion and understanding.

Reflect on how you can translate your love into tangible actions and make a conscious effort to consistently demonstrate your love and care for yourself. As you do so, you may find that the dynamic with your Twin Flame shifts, and there is a greater sense of connection and reciprocity in your relationship.

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