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Your Twin Flame is secretive with his feelings but is coming out of his shell

Hold onto your cosmic hats because it seems like your Twin Flame has been a bit of a mystery man with his feelings. Picture this: he's been playing hide-and-seek with his emotions, keeping them tucked away in the secret chambers of his heart. But guess what? There's a change in the cosmic wind, and he's slowly emerging from that shell. It's like he's flipping through an emotional photo album, letting himself feel things he once kept locked away.

Now, here's the juicy part – he used to be a bit scared of all this overwhelming love. It was like trying to catch a waterfall in a teacup. But the tide is turning, and he's surrendering to the love avalanche. It's a bit like watching someone dance in the rain after years of avoiding getting wet. Your Twin Flame is finally letting the love in, and it's a beautiful sight.

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