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Your Twin Flame is wrestling with those abandonment ghosts

Unconditional love becomes the anchor in this sea of emotions. He's coming to terms with the fact that true abandonment is an impossibility in your connection. It's like a pact written in the stars – you and him, forever intertwined, incapable of truly abandoning each other. The safety net of unconditional love is catching him as he takes the leap into vulnerability.

And about those moments when he seemed to be pushing you away? It's the fear talking, the same fear that once whispered tales of potential heartache. But now, he's standing at the crossroads of realization. He sees the pattern, acknowledges the fear, and is choosing a different path. The path that leads to you, to love, and to a newfound understanding of his own fears.

So, in this cosmic journey, your Twin Flame is wrestling with those abandonment ghosts, but with each revelation, he's rewriting the script. The fear is transforming into trust, and the understanding that with you, he's not only safe from hurt but embraced by the warmth of unconditional love. 🌌💖

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