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Your Twin Flame Lives In Eternity* 🌺

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

🌻💛Be present in this moment, let go of any concerns about what's going to be, clear your mind to begin the work of the day. Breathe in the pure perfection of this moment, relax into the here and now. Call in clarity to focus on what the Divine calls you to do. Receive the spiritual truth, backed up by unequivocal truth, through a journey of the purification of truth through spiritual data. It's established over time, it's a slow moving order. Societies always place ego at a seat at the table, and where there is ego in society, there will always be disharmony, disorder and sickness. The appropriate response to ego is to go deeper and deeper into your foundation with the Divine. The world always allows ego a seat at the table, we merely allow our spiritual path to unfold, unaffected by the delusion of ego. Everyone believes in the power of ego, it's the delusion of separation, that one can believe in something separate from the Divine.🌞

🍷💟Drama is very powerful and very exciting and gets a lot of attention, it's meaningless, there's no point in engaging in it. Would you rather have a life of misery or a peaceful life? The latter is hard to see from this perspective. Take the middle ground and see through the eyes of the Divine. See the egoic force as a teacher and purifier, instead of interacting with it as a death, something that takes from you. If you look at it incorrectly, you'll see it as divine because it consumes you and shows you you outside yourself and you love you. It's the friend that stabs you in the back. A convenient way to see the reality of the world is in terms of limits, competition, limited resources etc, it can be compelling but it's bad. It's really unlimited, we're learning Heaven on Earth. There is pure Spirit, and pure ego, which can be fun but is bad, Heaven on Earth is pure Spirit incarnated in the physical, this is the attainment of a New Heaven and a New Earth.🍊

🌵🌴This is an inevitable part of evolution, Heaven on Earth is compelling, it drives a higher way of being, mastery will be attained. When we were cave men and women, we were fighting sabre toothed tigers, it was a bad situation but we mastered it and grew beyond it, and the agricultural revolution happened. It was a more mature way of being than hand to mouth, it had evolved, and a new lifestyle evolved from that. Working together, accessing resources, cities were built, specialisms emerged, pottery, priests, social life, it was a success for humanity.💋

💧💙The Divine is demanding you meet Her by staying present, this is your long term rise to Eternity with joy, peace, prosperity, love, bliss, the highest human attainment. Spiritual maturity was required for these early farmers to care for their livestock and breed from them instead of eating them. It's the same for the Twin Flame journey, "I used to party and go to bed with my Twin Flame and now I'm doing inner work in separation." The voice of immaturity is an old way of being. the Kingdom of Heaven is like a field of wheat, and someone sneaks in one night and plants a load of nasty weeds. Let the wheat grow to fruition, when at harvest it can easily be separated from the weeds. A brother may choose to cultivate himself as a weed, but that weed will be destroyed in the Garden of Eden. Think in terms of Eternity, more maturity is needed than living hand to mouth. The man working in Eternity looks ahead, and meanwhile, the survivalist thinks, what an idiot, he's starving, but when winter comes it's the other way round, the survivalist struggles whole the other has abundance, and plants more for next season.🌀

💜🍇It's survival of the fittest, one will either perish, or the same wheel lifts them up if they learn the lessons, it's the law of the physical multiverse. The degree of maturity and mastery on Earth is evolving, the wheel turns and separates the wheat from the chaff. There are students who master the lessons and students who have to repeat them, and students who fail and go right under and back to living hand to mouth. They may feel they satiated the starvation they felt when the crops were growing, the wheat grows easily and it can be easily separated, cultivate a deeper foundation where you can't be harmed, these are the Darwinian basic principles of life. The Native Americans believed in a Great Spirit of Earth that teaches us how to live. We can't be angry with it, even if it's smacking us, when we learn the lessons, we rise above it. We don't like our good to fall away, we like our work to prosper.🍀

🍉💖The continuous victory of life includes the seasons and the trees, the winter tests their metal, they draw their life force into themselves, in the spring, that life force is expressed and the trees grow, in the summer they draw in vast amounts of energy, on the autumn, they shed the apparatus for collecting that energy. Life drawing in and expressing out, duality but not Maya, light and dark but not good and evil, not Love and hate, Love has no opposite. Your body is a material vessel for the spiritual, the material is the body of God, the spirit of God is changeless. The New Earth is almost certainly tiny, it's young in it's power and new because of it's DNA, it has evolved to be a solution to what went before, it requires maturity. Moonlighting and growing crops, the hunters would have thought it silly to see someone worshipping the soil, they may have said the farmer was in a delusion and would prove their old was as superior to the new 'satanic' way.🌞

🍈🍋The spirituality around hunting was very different to the spirituality around farming, it was a dramatic cultural change. If one is faced with an idea that will annihilate their way of being, they will feel threatened. As covid restrictions ease and people go out more as the weather improves, a lot of people are leaking sexual energy, spending it for attention, it's not civilised or mature, keep it for your Twin Flame, raise your frequency higher and experience a higher way of being. not everyone has the strength and maturity that it takes for this cultural, spiritual transformation. LGBT people were looked down upon by nearly every culture, they had to fight for their human rights. Worldwide cultures are all equal in God's Love. While there's equality, there's also hierarchy, it brings order because it has function. equality, respect, dignity, Love, the good doesn't exist just for the select few. Archangels don't look down on the guardian angels, they each have their own function, they can't do eachother's functions. 🍃

💧💙There is emerging a new culture, based on Harmonious Twin Flame Union and Heaven on Earth, it embraces the uniqueness of all cultures, not homogenisation, but diversity, continuing to cultivate each culture, not erase them. this makes for a transcendental human, in Heaven everyone must be a genius, opposing ideas are not contradictory. Perfection is not for the gods but you are gods. Be transcendental and not just with your partner. This goes beyond reproduction, casual sex, and social dating until one finds someone better, hopefully before their partner does. There's always a new person to fuck. You want something better. More Twin Flames have fallen off the end of the Earth into the Abyss. Your Twin Flame lives in Eternity, where your Life Purpose is. You only find purpose in partnership with your brother/sister. It's not about the world, only Heaven, start at the bottom, the way of the new Earth and the Kingdom must be learned.🍧

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