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Claiming Your Twin Flame ~ This Love is Mine ~ Divine Will And Oneness🍈

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

🍋Today I want to talk about how you can claim your Love, claim what's yours. How can you not demand what's yours by Divine right? It's the way you were created, you can't un-be. I'm not saying be reckless, and what you say will vary massively, according to your situation and it all comes down to communication. If there is none, work through the place where there's a lack of communication with yourself.💐

🍁Whenever there is any sort of miscommunication with your Twin Flame, or even no communication remember it's just you communicating with yourself, it's just us. You're having an eternal communication with the other part of you. This Love is mine. Choose this Love, claim it, recognise it. It may be appropriate to state that clearly, tell them how you feel, claim your Twin. They cannot but surrender to the truth. It'll only work for your true Twin, not a soulmate, and you need to be in the right space to do it. And whatever you do, don't take any of their BS. They'll present block after block (be prepared) for you to work through.🍂

🍄Please don't just read this post, go out and see them and say, hey you, you're mine! That's not it. I worked my tail of for 6 weeks before I was ready to claim my own Divine Masculine, it was appropriate then but not before because I'd worked through layers of separation consciousness.

And still they'll present more, so you do have to be very mastered, it may be enough with

them presenting non verbal blocks. You can't rush this. Start by claiming them in your heart, and keep claiming them in your heart, claim them deeper and deeper and deeper. The Divine Masculine appreciates directness, and the Divine Feminine too for that matter.💟

🌸If you're wondering what sort of approach is appropriate for your situation, book a session, on this site. I can help you with that. Try to see past the current manifestations of the old, they're showing you what was, not what is or where things are going. If your Twin Flame isn't doing what you want, that's all the more reason to continue the inner work, it sure isn't any reason to give up, how they're behaving towards you is always about something in yourself, and the work in Twin Flame Ascension School teaches exactly what to do about it. If your Twin Flame is doing something that you don't like, remember they're not doing anything wrong.🍒

😍They may be showing a desire for love that's not being met in either of you. There may be a

misaligned thought that love can be found outside oneself. If you're looking for love outside of yourself, your beloved will mirror that by looking for love outside of your union. If you just want to be with someone, your twin will reflect that by being with someone. You'll have a corresponding pattern. Your beloved isn't just another guy or girl that you can't seem to get over.💐

🌵It's one hell of a lot more than that. It's not going to go away, you may as well figure this

out. In every interaction trust that your beloved knows the truth, there may be a touch of

resistance but whatever the situation, they're learning lessons for you both. They'll give you gifts, every block they throw at you is a gift, they may be uncomfortable but remember it's

you interacting with yourself, it's how you treat yourself. Treat them lovingly, with compassion. While you always always make the same core choices, they must be allowed to make their own, even if they're apparently of separation, Believe it or not, if you're choosing union, it's part of the process towards you. No need to fear what it looks like, you are his or her everything.🌱

💚Any unpleasant situations are nothing but lessons and are to be tolerated as such, when the lessons are learned, that reality will melt away nicely. When we claim Harmonious Union and verbalise, it's on! it's happening! When we claim deeply it may look like they're moving away from you, don't worry. the real distance between you is lessening. "Do not concern yourself with seeming." (A Course In Miracles). But it may look like all hell's breaking loose, I speak from experience, so you have to have the tools to deal with that! You have to know what you're doing. Even if you're confident. Don't attempt this without the tools I'm offering. Then your beloved (honour them for it) can step up the teacher student relationship (it may be rocky), they're the greatest teacher you'll ever have, At other times, you'll assume the teacher role.🍃

🌷Accept them as your sacred teacher, the process could involve them cutting off contact

for a time, it varies, give them time. Some of the lessons they present can be challenging,

you'll be given as much as you can handle. Twin Flame Love is completely different. You are Love and I'm being polished. Their job is to mirror separation, you press in all their defences,

go gently, don't control, whatever you do. Be anchored and mastered. See it for what it is, see through the illusion.🍧

🌊Work them and yourself through the hurt, so it melts away like a dream. You're the same

consciousness, they already know everything. Be yourself, don't hide your imperfections,

release control, understand your relationship with the Divine, honour it completely. And finally, I can't emphasise enough, make sure you're prepared. If your Twin reacts in an unpleasant way, it doesn't matter. don't take any of their BS. I don't want anyone writing on to say I did what you said and it was a disaster. Don't do it without doing the work first. It's a process, depending on where you're at, you may have to go through several steps to get to this point. I will be happy to work with you to help you prepare for it. If you have any questions on this subject, please feel free to reach out.🌀

Divine Will And Oneness🔥😍

🍀I shared a meme the other day, some of you may have seen it, it decrees... "I will have a sizzling, hot, holy, on fire, divine marriage of white hot devotion and NOTHING will stand in my way." Just remember, it's peaceful, mind, peace is the order of the universe, so let's all call in more peace now. I also want to talk about the power of choice, because it really is the most powerful ability that we have. So do you choose your Harmonious Union now? Do you choose To unequivocally unite with your Twin Flame? To align your will and Divine will,? Truth over lies? Clarity over illusion? And so it is.💚

💙The reason the power of choice is so unstoppable is because it's connected to your will which comes from the Divine. And I'd like to add a quote here from A Course In Miracles to illustrate why your will is so much more powerful than just wishing. "Wishes are not facts To wish is to imply that willing isn't sufficient. Yet no one in his right mind believes what's wished is as real as what's willed. Instead of .Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven,' you should have said 'Will ye first the Kingdom of Heaven,' and you have said 'I know what I am and I claim my own inheritance.'"🌠

🧡A Course In Miracles goes on to talk in massive detail about how your own will and divine will are one and it's a common misconception to believe otherwise and to believe that God or Source or the Universe will deprive you of what you want and shove what you don't want in your face, that's not the case, we can all let that one go now. Your Harmonious Union is your Divine inheritance. This is the difference between walking round wanting your Twin Flame and actually manifesting your divinely inspired desires. The Divine is your strength and your power and nothing is impossible through your joint decision to unite with your Twin Flame.💋

💜Nothing God created can oppose your will to unite with them because the will you were given is power. Another thing that people don't realise, that can also be a big block to Union is that they think that their Twin is separate to themselves. Your Twin is you, you're one consciousness, of the same soul blueprint. You have never been separate from your own soul any more than you can ever be separate from the Divine, although you can perceive the illusion that you are. But that's impossible. It's not happening.🌀

🍇You wouldn't exist if you were separate, can a wave exist independently of the ocean? And as Rumi so rightly said, you're not only a drop in the ocean, you're the ocean in a drop. To uncover the truth, just love, that's the ultimate truth, you can adopt certain strategies to uncover the truth that was always there. The power to do so is yours to claim, so claim it now. Only you can do that, the life of your dreams is yours for the taking, it's already yours.🌸

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