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Coming Into Harmonious Twin Flame Union & The Joy & Bliss Of Mutual Recognition💫

🌻🌟🌱Reconciliations are happening all over the place, some of them are starting with the rekindling of a friendship, and deepening from there, and that's very important because your friendship is the foundation to your Union and romance. How would you feel about your Union unfolding into friendship first? Some people really have the friendship down first and the romance comes after, others may have had the romance and the sex first and so now the friendship side requires a bit of work. However it unfolds for you is all OK, you're not meant to be just friends with your Twin Flame, trust me, they're wildly attracted to you. Communicate in any way you like, as long as it really feels like you and feels appropriate for where the relationship is at. Your Twin Flame is still you, so you can be very explicit about speaking your truth, you don't have to go through the motions of, 'Hello, how are you,' you can go straight in and be yourself, real and authentic.🍂🧡

🍁🍫🍷As lockdowns go on and on, it's made people really have to look at their lives, things have shifted for many many people, huge amounts of relationships have broken down. Twin Flames will be moving into communication, or deepening that communication, being able to work through, upheave and heal things in person, that's the next great leap forward into mastery. You can't come into Harmonious Union until you've mastered the Mirror Exercise, it means mastering in the moment when triggered, pausing, feeling one's feelings, loving oneself, and moving forward. That's exactly what the collective has been working through at this time. It's really so simple, if a tad repetitive, one can't be reminded of this too often, every time one is reminded to love themselves, it reaches a new place in consciousness. We will have blind spots, sometimes we walk into a new place in consciousness that we didn't know was there and we need to bring that Love in there. It's a process of needing to feel through feelings, and processing. Sometimes we are kept up at night to process because there are no distractions, possibly the only time there aren't, in a world of information overload. Sometimes God says, 'No, you have to feel this through, work through this one right now.' 🌸🌷

☔🍷💜What you're doing is manifesting your Twin Flame. There are lots of strands at the moment, lots of growth, all sorts of connections emerging, you'll notice people will be drawn to you, noticing your vibration, changing their lives, and you may notice that in the circles that you've been a part of the whole time, you'll see shifts in the people who are also ascending in parallel to you, deciding, 'No thanks, I'm going to change that now, I'm going for something deeper,' and taking steps towards claiming their own mastery, it may be just what they were looking for. Recognise your Twin Flame's life is changing too, even if you can't see it yet. They literally can't stay away from you, you can't stay away from yourself, there's nothing more, no one else there. It's just you choosing to show up for yourself. Priorities have shifted with the lockdowns but luckily for us, we were already doing an intense inner journey.☔💤

💎💤💫You and your Twin Flame at the micro level are a fractal refraction of the Divine. Always communicate to them at whatever level from a place of the Divine in you speaking to the Divine in them. Any aspect of you that still feels upset, that's having a feeling of it's own is still you, as above so below. Collectively, we're the Twin Flame of the Divine, returning home to Her, we're all individual consciousnesses, but we're also part of the One Universal Consciousness, returning home. As we heal and ascend, we're returning to God and we also heal within ourselves, gathering the fragmented parts of our consciousness and returning them to us. It's the same process. The Divine is the only consciousness present with you all the time, God through everyone and everything. Your Twin Flame is God manifest in physical form for you, and every touch, every word, every aspect is you relating to God physically, and you relating to you, which is still God. Of course, you are not God, but you are of God.💐🌟

🥑💚🍀Your Twin Flame is in the process of becoming more grounded, that's what they're working on to offer you, and it's the same thing, grounding, it's been a big theme. They'll be able to offer you security. You don't have to wait, are you running a pattern of delaying your good to get more? You don't need to ever delay your good, you never get less if it arrives on time. Is there a pattern of delaying your good to heighten the desire and get a bigger bang instead of a steady stream? you can have your good now. You deserve it now, the Divine steady flow of sustainable Love. Love is not disappointing, the Divine loves you enough day to day, Love is ever expanding and growing, not all or nothing, no being left out or being left hanging. That may have been what manifested before, but what's manifesting now is a grounded steady Union. You can't bring Union in unless you're grounded, with your feet planted in the earth. You come into your Union and yell, hurrah! There's waves and waves of Love and then thr grounding period where you feel the feeling but root it.🍫🍁

🧡💥🍂It's depth that will bring you together, get really clear. Show up in the place that feels separate, choose yourself in this place, choose Union, claim yourself here, and as you do that you open the door to Divine Love. The Divine loves you perfectly here, you don't need the Twin Flame to do that, it's between you and God. It doesn't serve you to feel bad, let God in here, it's nice to feel good, let that steady stream of Love flow in with ease and peace, knowing that God was there all along, loving you. Be aware of that, know always that God was there, Harmonious Union was always there, come into the awareness of that. As you come into Harmonious Union and experience the joy and bliss, you naturally do the moment you recognise them and they recognise you and it's made manifest, you can't stay still in that place of Love, you have to keep growing, expanding. Flow on the river of Love, don't anchor there to stay in the stream or you start backing up. Continue to move with the feelings. It's like climbing a greasy pole, you can go slow if you like but you have to keep moving, it's not like a ladder where you can rest on the rungs. Keep flowing with it and don't try to stop it.🌴🍃

🍷💕🍧Keep going deeper as you ground your Union, you're always going to the next feeling and the next, there will always be some place that doesn't feel peaceful, all the way to Perfect Union or full enlightenment. Connecting with the Divine, internalising, getting through to the truth. Going deeper you may find some deeper issues regarding communication, for example. Feel into your throat chakra on a deeper level, there may be some sort of deeper feeling about communication. Is there a fear of coming forward and finding that there's no Love? Where is the Source of that Love? Within, so connect within, feel that steady stream of Love there. If you were to reach out it wouldn't be to get something, need nothing from them. Don't drop your desire to be with them, know that you are with yourself. Our Twin Flames are us, wanting to be with them is wanting to be with yourself. Realise you have the power to be with yourself and show up for yourself.💎

💜🍇💕Look out for signs and synchronicities at this time, you'll find the answer to your question is yes. Your heart is the way, that's where the Divine is, every feeling the Divine brings you about your person, your Love, your feelings, your desires, you must follow that, because that is God. To deny that is to deny God, set aside some daily time to feel your feelings. Previous relationships are a training ground. Is that what your Twin Flame is experiencing? They're learning what they do and don't want, it's a major lesson for them there. It's just up to you to find the blocks, and you can't find them before you find them, God's bringing them in the order He needs to bring them in. As you love your Twin Flame as they go through their process, you'll see what holds the situation in place. You'll get a clear idea. It's usually related to unreservedness. You deserve Love, Harmonious Union is the moment you claim it, it was there always, you've just been peeling back your awareness to it. The signs you get are God saying that you're on track, you're listening to your heart, you're moving towards it. When you turn away from your heart, you don't get any signs, don't do that.🌞🍕

💚🌳🌵We channel our Twins 24/7, so whatever we're focusing on, whatever we're doing, feeling and thinking, they're doing very similar things, especially when you come into the manifestation phase where we know we've done a lot of work. We know they've thought about us, we're not beginners, we know that person is really coming through that song. You're being loved through that person in that moment. It's safe to say the meaning you receive through signs, cards, songs, is the meaning you're meant to receive, to deny that is to deny God communicating in your heart, see how the two are just one thing. Have you been running a pattern of unrequited love, perhaps in past relationships? Look at your experience with the feeling of unrequited love, if this resonates, because if unrequited love is your pattern, then you couldn't be with your Twin Flame because that would be requited. Heal the unrequited part in order to be with them or we're doomed to be with people that we don't love or that don't love us, which means anyone but your Twin Flame. You can have your love reciprocated.🍁🍫

🌊💧💎There's just places in consciousness that think your love can't be reciprocated, so go in and heal them. Enjoy setting yourself free from the pattern, it may be all there is to this piece. unpeeling patterns, it may seem strange to be happy to find this pattern but it's bloody brilliant because now you can work through it. This one's a real bummer so it's so good to heal it all the way through and have your Love. That's why they're sitting 'over there,' settling for less, it's the same thing. It's not because they want to and not because there's anything good over there, they just think they can't have their Twin Flame. They live with the pain and have to block it out. That's why the Twin Flame sometimes comes in like a rocket and you have a great time, but when it comes to deepening, you have to go to the next feeling, and if that feeling is, 'I can't have real love, then it causes problems, to say the least, the minute they realise they love you they think they can't have you. You can resolve and realign all of this yourself by using the Mirror Exercise.

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