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Twin Flame Love And Divine Sexuality To Heal Core Blocks🌟

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Sex, Love and Healing🍧

🍃We go into our cave and face our fears, and our Twins are doing their part. We don't know what they're experiencing but it'll be all manner of things. As we move through the process, so do they, as we become more peaceful and happy, they do too, even if they're in a situation or relationship with someone else, because they're you. It doesn't mean they're happy with what they've got, they may think they're happy, but they're becoming more truly aligned with themselves. There are known Twins, in Harmonious Union, where one is balanced and peaceful, while the other is in a dark night of the soul. The sector I'm talking to today, is people who have been already intimate with their Twins, then separated. Think back to the time you were intimate, and intimacy, of course, isn't just sexual, as you know, but it may be understood that way at first by one partner, and then all the other stuff is uncovered. It is a massive expression of energy, and no denying that, but in the midst of it all, locate where the heart is, you don't want to be doing it to just get high.🌊

🥑{t doesn't need to be a big thing, it's just one lovely facet of Union. Make sure that you don't take from yourself in that high. Any interaction with your Twin Flame will bring up more healing. You can't use your Twin to get high or try to extract the juice from them because they're not separate from you. If we do we're just using ourselves to get high and not connecting with the Divine.

The enormous passion and sexual energy present is a wonderful part of the connection. Allow

it to settle into something sustainable. In the meantime, your Twin won't be able to numb out their feelings if you don't, and they also won't be able to have you turn them on and then go and plug into someone else to get this temporary high, as it's just another form of numbing out. The coming together of Twin Flames with intense energy and highs is unsustainable unless the foundation is built. By you doing the inner work they can no longer get anything from their numbing out methods. You're building something that can last for eternity. There's nothing to rush for because we have no control over what's coming next.🍀

🌼If you have been intimate and have separated, do you feel you're trying to put something right that you're responsible for? It's OK not to know what you didn't know before. If you've separated, you may have reached a point where you had experienced everything you could together. The next place to go would have been deeper, and the way to go deeper, your next step, was to be apart and that's completely OK. Trust that was the most compassionate step for you both. What you had couldn't be sustained, because it reached a point where it required deepening, study, inner work, a different application. Look at the part you played in it, did you believe that what you had was as much as you could get? Choose now, to have it all. You're doing that now. You were together and there came a time when you seemingly separated, but were you not choosing to have it all? Were you not choosing that, even though it apparently led to separation? Choosing to find the way, even when you didn't know what the way was at the time? The reason you couldn't continue with them as you were, as you must have made a choice for more. You need to completely trust the journey. How things look or how we think they should look is not the answer. The answer is that a choice was made at a deep level. You're throwing out the numbed out places. You're not correcting a mistake, you're just going deeper. Getting only what you had with them indefinitely wouldn't be enough, and it wasn't enough, or else it would have continued till it burned out and then it would have been a soulmate.💭

🌴We can choose for it to be easy but that doesn't mean there'll be no upsets or challenges. Sometimes when one Twin is in a relationship with someone else, it's actually a sign of you going all in, your commitment to your Union. They also choose to reveal that, and this can be the fastest way. They're in a process of revealing, and sometimes that happens in stages and may take time for that final decision to come in.🍃

Divine Twin Flame Sexuality For Healing🍄

💟{ have started doing more intimate Twin Flame readings, and will be doing sexier ones in the future, especially as I am creating my own decks of erotic messages (what fantasy is your person having about you right now!), but they will always be grounded in Goddess/God and Divine sexuality. You're here for that to be sacred. They will be focused on healing, not traditional attraction, but about seeing your Twin Flame through Goddess/God's eyes. In traditional relationships, the focus is on sexual attraction, and that's what maxes out. The primary focus shouldn't be this, the primary focus should always be healing. The purpose of all this won't be light entertainment, the seeker will, no doubt, thoroughly enjoy the message, but it's absolutely imperative that the message will point to the places in the seeker where they should direct their healing. they will get something from the message that enables them to heal.💋

💐Remember, that with your Twin Flame, you're having a spiritual relationship that may become physical, you're not getting into a physical relationship in the hope that it will become spiritual.

The Twin Flame Union starts at the top, and filters down through the energy bodies and last of all the physical. Titillation is the opposite of true Twin Flame teachings, which about deep sexuality.

When you connect sexually from across the miles, with your Twin Flame, it's just you and you and ultimately you're who your Twin Flame is anyway so anything you're imagining is what they'll be

imagining and really, what you're focusing on, is how do I connect with my person? It's a beautiful thing to put the Divine into that place, your sexuality, whether your Twin Flame is physically with you or not. It's all an expression of the Divine anyway, all dreams are aspects of consciousness,

our interpretation of them helps us, everything is Goddess/ God and our imaginations are and are of God/ Goddess. While I find channelled messages extremely helpful, and they're a great way to romance yourself, make sure you use them for something more than just light entertainment, use them to give you the keys to why any patterns in your Union are happening.

Doing the work means finding the places in yourself that hold the pattern in place. It's as if the feel good messages about how much your Twin loves you, for example, are needed, because they offer reassurance where there's a little bit of doubt. That said, these messages are a wonderful way to romance yourself and no doubt true.🔥

💙But it's all, at present, supposition, if there was no doubt whatsoever, and no need for external validation, reassurance wouldn't be necessary because one would have such unshakeable

knowingness. So enjoy your readings and messages, but don't use them as a crutch, the place

in you that needs to hear those feel good messages, that's still not quite sure, go there. Messages contain a story that we want to hear, and I'm inviting you to let the story go and let Goddess/

God bring you your truth. You're safe in letting go of how you think it's going to work out and trust in how Mother Goddess will bring it to you. Trust She's got it, She's got your Twin Flame, She's

got the situation and can work miracles. Our ideas fall short of God's way. As you are shown your next steps, God will show you your biggest intimacy blocks that you kind of knew were there, but didn't realise how important they were, the stuff you didn't realise exactly why were there.🌟

💥How does it feel to know that no matter what's going on, you have the power to heal it? Uplifting messages can point you exactly to where you must focus your attention. Take the message you heard that you find most reassuring and reverse it, go to the part of yourself that needs that reassurance and find out exactly what that part of you needs and give that to yourself. That's it, that's literally the block, that's what you clear, that place in you that believes, for example, that it can't quite have this love. Go there now. Goddess/ God created you to have this love, it's part of your Divine inheritance. Stay present with yourself, clear everything out by giving yourself unconditional love there. How does it feel in that space now you've loved yourself there? Focus in these places that are highlighted, you'll find it's just a couple of fundamental blocks left to

clear, they may have many layers, but you keep working on them till they're resolved and everything that you desire is yours for the taking. it's all in your hands, it's that simple.😍

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Jan 18, 2021

stand before a mirror naked what do we see who can stand naked in front of a stranger DF sits in front of divine her hair is filled with passion like the blooming flower she opens her petals the aroma of honey fills the air she is ready to give of her fruit naked she sits with nothing to hide DF is surrendering to divine i like the painting has rexy vibe

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