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From Inner To Direct Communication ~ Your Twin Flame Loves You🌟🌊

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Your true Twin Flame will trigger you, they will trigger you into and beyond Harmonious Union, and they'll trigger you all the way to Perfect Union or full enlightenment. When you're being triggered, you're being loved, they're lovingly giving you the opportunity to go deeper. Feel the feelings the trigger brings up. You may ask yourself, for example, can anyone else really be with a Twin Flame that's yours? It'll never be the same. Can you be separate from love? Of course not. Reassure yourself that your love is safe, it can't be taken from you, it can't be claimed by another, they're Your Twin Flame. Even f they're having sex with someone else, it's safe to express your sexual energy to yourself when you're feeling divinely inspired to do so, show up for yourself more there. You're not deprived of anything, your sexuality's not outside of you, you give it to yourself, not get it from another, it's your own, no one can take it from you. When we see someone getting what we have not given ourselves, of course it's upsetting, that sex is yours. True sexuality is a union of hearts, true intimacy is present in all interactions, you can experience it without another physical body being present. You can experience it with your Twin Flame in a way far more intimate than by physically being with another body, plenty of people have another physical body but that doesn't mean they're feeling union or love. Our perspective is different here. Sex is communication, of course, one has to master internal and external communication with their Twin Flame before reaching the point that it becomes physical. When we communicate with our Twin Flame, everything's energy and vibration, they respond to the energy and nothing else. This energy has many different forms, what are we communicating to our Twin Flame? Love. If love is what we communicate we have done our job. Love is for sharing and giving, for feeling within, and the Divine is responsible for bringing that to you in an appropriate way. Many Twin Flames who are now in Harmonious Union didn't receive communication or a response from their Twins. It's not an expectation, it's just something to continue to work on. Your vibe will be different in the next communication, it'll upgrade. You can't mess it up, you can't harm your Union, just respect boundaries, the energy is the most important thing. Ask yourself what the purpose is of sending your beloved a massage. You're communicating that they're loved in the vibration, when delivered, job done. Your Twin Flame will desire what you desire,, but that doesn't mean they're always conscious of that desire, that knowingness isn't necessarily on the surface. This isn't a soulmate relationship, don't look to the surface interaction, God/ Goddess moves in unexpected ways. Healing is really the best way because it always moves you forward, what comes from it will always be unexpected, trust that. You will see the result of all the love you put in. In the meantime, surrender your Twin Flame, the way they'll come, what they're experiencing. Every Twin Flame desires their Twin Flame, How they're expressing it or who they think their Twin Flame is, we'll only know these answers when we heal into Harmonious Union or Union or communication and they tell you. Step away from the traditional view of them thinking it through in their mind and coming into a place of vibration, they just love you. How they are experiencing it may be completely different to the way you expect but your Twin Flame always wants what you want, always desiring real love but they may be experiencing it in a different way than you are.But they love you, truth. You don't need anything to know that's true. Often a response from your Twin Flame can come in an intangible way, or in the dreamstate, pay attention to this. Of course there's always the desire for direct communication, but if in dreams is the way they're communicating at the moment, let that be enough while acknowledging your choice for more. The relationship is constructed from within, the outside is just a reflection of what you've already built. I know plenty of people who had not heard one jot from their Twin Flame and suddenly it changed, and they're in Harmonious Union, it can change in a flash. It's going to be OK, your Twin Flame loves you, the Divine will surprise you. Whatever is coming up for you, you're being led to what you need and if you're still healing towards Harmonious Union, that's just what's happening, so if there's no response, there doesn't need to be, We don't know the reasons, the Divine does, and it's the perfect way. Know your Twin Flame is yours, healing into that knowing more and more, week by week. No one else can have your good, you're not separate from your love, to the point where you're permanently in that oneness, with the Divine, with yourself, and with your Twin Flame. Claim your good, choose to receive that, what was created for you, your choice is sovereign. Choosing Divine love, of course your Twin Flame wants to be with you, loosen the hold on how it's supposed to look and how it's coming. And the person your heart is telling you it is is the vehicle and anything about them such as a third party or any other event is an opportunity to heal. You're honouring that love, it's real and it's your person. They may be projecting all the love they have for their true Twin Flame onto someone else, who is then revealed not to be their One. This is a completely different concept of love to the norm, you don't fall in love with your Twin Flame, you remember you've loved them always. It's not exciting so much as peaceful. Any place that feels (energy) leaky or high (ungrounded) about them is a place to heal and find peace there. Some relationships are destined to end because of the chemistry and the fact they were not the right person, they were projected on, and that's always a disappointing compromise, so if your Twin Flame is with someone, once you get into the spiritual work very deeply, it becomes very obvious as to what level of love things are at, or whether the heart's in it or not. It becomes very very obvious. If your heart says it's this person, your heart says it's this person. It's safe to go all in there because that is what your heart is showing you. Only you know the depth of that feeling, it's your Union you're feeling. All it takes is one more piece of healing and bang, everything can change in a moment, one week nothing, the next, BAM, Harmonious Union. It's coming, it's inevitable, you're merrily skipping along, it's happening piece by piece (maybe only noticeable inwardly), then unexpectedly, "I didn't realise I was ready for that!" It's coming for you, it's safe to feel everything you feel for your person. It's safe to communicate together, whatever way you are at this time. Your Twin Flame loves you, go with your heart, we can't imaging what sort of experience they're having right now, and we're not supposed to know. Relax, he/ she loves you. Your heart knows the truth of who they are, and if that's how you feel, you can honour it and allow yourself to feel it and go all in there, the Divine would never guide you to do that if it was not safe. That love is yours and is coming for you. They love you and on the surface they may be living a certain life that shows none of that, but that's their journey. Let them have whatever experience they may be having, maybe they need it.Unconditional love does not seek to impose, it seeks to say, "I love and I am here and I set you free to choose for yourself (don't worry, true Twin Flames always choose as one), and feel whether it's right or not. When you can express from that place, whether there's a third party or not, you are liberated. Be thankful for any triggers you may experience, they are helping you to achieve a deeper intimacy and healing in areas that may be very tender.

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