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Twin Flames ~ Going Deeper Into Self Love And Surrendering Into Internal Communication💥

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

💐In the last blog post I touched on self love but we didn't even get to the surface to scratch it! you can't have too much self love.🌽

😍So today I want to go a little bit deeper into what it means to love yourself, and of course, love your Twin Flame. You don't have to do anything external to have your Twin Flame, you don't have to go out and grab them, see them, seduce them or anything like that. You don't have to do anything external at all, it's all an inside job. You may have heard many Twin Flame teachers telling you to go within, but what I found was that a lot of them then didn't provide sufficient follow up information as to how to go about that.🍊

🍉Sure, they all said to practice self care, nutrition, rest, exercise, doing well at work, manifesting

abundance, getting any medical treatment you may need, maybe have some energy healing

and that's all very good and essential, but they're all still tangible external things. The going in bit

within has so much more to it, you do have to go far deeper if you're serious about manifesting your Harmonious Union. Part of going within involves visualisation, but that's not what I'm going to talk about today. That's a whole topic on it's own. What I'm talking about today is this. What would you say your deepest desire is? What's your biggest need from your Twin Flame?💋

💕Anything that you feel that you need from them and hope they'll show up with for you, they'll mirror the exact opposite. So please take note, if they're not doing what you want or they're doing something you don't like, please don't worry, it's not that they don't love you, that's not it. They're simply showing you the parts of your consciousness that you need to bring your own self love to.

They'll point out everywhere in you that needs healing were it not for them and what they're doing you wouldn't have been made aware of these places that you need to love yourself. By presenting these things to you so you can do something about it, say they're not showing up because you need to show up for yourself, they're actually loving you, and I assure you that they do, totally, utterly, completely, unconditionally and absolutely.🍷

💜You were created together to share this life on Earth, together with the One Great Love of your eternal life, everything that you are, whatever they're doing whatever the situation, it's a blessed opportunity to move forward into your Heaven on Earth, together with the One Great Love of your eternal Life. Don't let anyone tell you different. Word of warning, it does take grit, but if you're reading this, you already know you've got what it takes. So what's out biggest need? Universally, we all want to be loved as much as our Twins do.🍇

🌊Conversely, this is why so many of our Twins have tried absolutely everything to push Love away. They show us every obstacle imaginable. That's because somewhere in our consciousness, we must be too, so let's root out all those places and send pure Love there so there'll no longer be a need for that shitty situation to exist in your reality and it can melt away nicely, and be replaced by the fabulous situation that you know you deserve.💎

🌳Don't settle for anything less.🍀

🌴What do you want Love to do for you? How do you want to be loved? If that's your deepest need, give that to yourself consistently. Don't just go there but stay there. You can give that to yourself committedly and consistently.🌱


🌞You don't need to be around them to love them, although we're doing this so you can be around them, permanently and forever. If you love yourself in the way you need to be loved you're also loving them. it's not outside of you. Even though they love you every bit as much as you love them, they may not be currently recognising the connection externally, so it needs working on within. You can do a little decree right now; I choose to see the Truth of our Divine Connection. We choose as one with our Twins always, but that's for another day's topic.😍

🍂You have the power to love yourself and your Twin the way they need and the way you need.

If the external door's closed that's not the place you're being called to go. when it opens externally, that's OK. But while it's shut, it's God's way of telling you to adopt the internal approach, and you do that by doing the mirror exercise, instructions for how to do that are in the book Twin Flames, Finding Your Ultimate Lover, and it's also what I coach in It's about showing up for yourself with love.🍉

💋Meeting yourself within, not only loving yourself but meeting yourself and God. The journey's

about relationship and how to love yourself unconditionally and loving your twin unconditionally. It's the only way they can be loved without cords. You free them to be with you and you're also freeing yourself because there's no requirements on you that you've placed there.💥

🍒"Reality is the only safety. Your will is the only safety because it is the same as God's. The separation is nothing more than the belief that it is different...Would the Holy Spirit deny the will of God and could he fail to recognise it in His son?...Willing against reality, although impossible, can be made into a very persistent goal, even though you don't want it. Consider the result of this strange decision. You're devoting your mind to what you don't want. How real can this devotion be? If you don't want it, it was never created, if it were never created, it is nothing. Can you really devote yourself to nothing? God, in His devotion to you, created you devoted to everything and gave you what you are devoted to."🍷

Surrendering Into Internal Communication☔

💫I have already said in the last blog post that oftentimes, our Twins have done everything they

possibly can to push love away. They're showing us something there, that's us too. Get this love

thing away from me! Why do we do that? This is the part that we're now dissolving. We've claimed this Love but we're still not sure that we can have it. But we already do have it. We have to surrender into that truth and rid ourselves of any thought or belief that says that this is not the most obvious thing in the Universe.🍧

💚We do a hell of a lot of fighting to keep love away, a hell of a lot of resisting. As I said before,

they show us every obstacle imaginable, and we love them right through it. It's a process of

surrendering and giving up the fight. How does it feel to know it's already yours, it has already

been given? How does it feel to stop fighting? It's quite a relief to know we have the power to

stop it. Give yourself love the way you want love to show up for you, choose to give up the fight. Love yourself the way you need to be loved, Go really deeply into the essence of what you need to beloved. Make sure you give it to yourself in the way that you need for as long as you may need

because there will be parts of ourselves that are deeply unloved, we may need to show up for

them very consistently.🍀

🥑We have to show up for ourselves in the way that we need to, loving ourselves the way we need to be loved in our own specific way. As we do that, knowing that's us loving our Twins and nothing needs to happen on the outside. They're One, what we do within is what we do without, and it's about realising that, in asking for our Harmonious Union, it's already given, it's ours.🌴

🌱It's simply a matter of surrendering ourselves to that truth, stop fighting the truth. There's a

deeper truth in these words, this is the way, because if it's already given, what the bloody hell

are we fighting for? What the dickens are we reaching for? It's already here! Everything's

revealed, sometimes we're given things we're not ready to hear, we hear in layers, peeling away

at them, one by one. Just like our twins, we're hearing all this good stuff, yeah, that's wonderful, I'm sure you're great, but I just can't receive that. Not ready to receive it. Just love unconditionally, the way you want to be loved, doing the Mirror Exercise and showing up for yourself in a way that

means unconditional love for you, knowing your Union's already here.🌻

🍈The key to Union appears to be in contact and communication until we can love them

unconditionally, so unconditional communication with ourselves is critical. When you connect in

your heart, sit with yourself in your heart and bring your beloved in. Feel your feelings, be

present with your beloved and feel. Communicate with them, listening for answers, all the while feeling your feelings. If you communicate that you're upset and are cross with them, what are you doing to yourself? Do you think your Twin wants that? It'll make them feel unwelcome, that's not unconditional love, and you'll prevent your entire journey if you numb out, so don't. The external communication reflects the internal, the internal upset prevents the external.🍃

🔥So give them what you both want, loving the whole of them in the way they want, which, of

course, is the way you want. Treat them like the Divine Spouse that they are. Don't forget

they're you, so you need to be giving that to yourself, and to them. If you feel unhappy with

them, tell them that's how you feel and talk it through. Feel those feelings. it's not about

being just loving, have a proper conversation and communication. If you're upset, recognise it's just a pattern that you're upset with, not your Divine beloved. It's not their fault, protect them from that, talk about the pattern together. Please know that they're your best friend and they're right here for you to talk to. They're not only your lover and partner but your best friend and you're doing this together, despite any obstacles that may seem to be in the way. Nothing they do is out of harm, it's done because it's the way to love yourself properly. There may be a thing they put in the way so you do all this within. You're not deprived of a relationship with them, you don't have to glance at them from a distance, check in with them, be kind to them, they're your divine beloved after all!💋

🍒"It's not up to you to change your brother, but merely to accept him as he is. His errors do not come from the truth in him and only this truth is yours. His errors cannot change this and can have no effect at all on the truth in you. To perceive errors in anyone and to react to them as if they were real is to make them real to you... Accept only the function of healing in time because that is what time is for. God gave you the function to create in Eternity. You don't need to learn that but you do need to learn to want it.💥

A Course In Miracles, chapter 9, part 1

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