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Rapid Healing At The Threshold Of Harmonious Twin Flame Union 🌺

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

This time period is about believing, of stepping deeper into that knowing that you can never be separate. It's not about trying to figure things out with your mind, you must go into the heart and feel, while releasing control. At this time, many people in the collective are realising that they have reached the core of their blocks to Union, like the layers of an onion, it's worthwhile being really thorough when healing what's in the final layers of the core. Love yourself thoroughly and consistently through anything that comes up, show up for yourself in this way, then the person will show up for you. Choose all your desires, that's all you have to do.

One of the issues that has been showing up for a lot of people is to do with exes. You may experience your Twin behaving exactly like an ex. They never do it to hurt you, so please don't project that behaviour on them and think of it as being an intrinsic part of them, it's not. What's the real aim when that behaviour goes on in front of you, especially if you thought you were done with it? They're showing you things in your consciousness that require healing to do with exes. Nothing that's already in your consciousness can be really done with unless it's properly worked through and the emotions are all felt fully. Whatever comes up, stay present with it, if it's a feeling of loss of love, please know that nobody can ever take love from you, it's not possible. No human is the source of your love, no matter the players and persons around you, they come and go but love never leaves. No need to fight over one piece of love. You're one with love and the Divine, you're one together, if the same pattern keeps coming up, you're not retracing your steps, you're going deeper.

You can have your perfect partner, it doesn't mean it'll be perfect from day one, it's a process, you learn how to be together more fully. Trust this is the journey you're on, your Twin Flame loves you perfectly, that's totally safe, you can't get that wrong. Enjoy the security that the love is there and is ever expanding. Often, when our Twins act out, it's a bid for love, it's always a bid for love, and they're mirroring your own bids for love. Address the healing, be willing to do so. When we don't believe we can have love, we act out, this misaligned belief is now coming up to be healed. By healing it, we are laying the foundation of real love, we doing it by examining what we believed and what we trained ourselves to do. Maybe we settled for a mere simulation of love, addicted to the emotional high, accepting crumbs when what we were really starving for was the Divine. It's a delicate subject to look at.

But don't worry, you're travelling forward on your own path at the perfect pace for you. As you clear away all that is not you, be present with each feeling as you move through it. Unhelpful thoughts are misaligned beliefs, as each one comes up, you need to move through it, release and realign. As we go deeper into our cave to face our fears, we may have to revisit everything and go deeper because everything needs to come up and out. That's what makes space for your wonderful new reality to come rushing in, it's in your hands, that's how powerful you are. The Divine is asking you to surrender, The Divine is Who has placed your person in your heart as your Twin Flame and that's completely safe. It's really the Divine Who is your Ultimate Lover but it's safe to express the love with the person the Divine has given you in your heart.

Take the opportunity now however, to leap into the unknown with an open heart, surrender to trust. No one can imaging how the Divine brings Harmonious Union, but know you'll be brought all the right people, circumstances and signs. Make the choice to see your own Divinity, make the choice to know that nobody can keep your Union or your love from you. You don't need to prove what's real to anyone, choose to surrender and trust the Divine. Trust yourself, this is about you, not other people. Trust that Father/ Mother God put that desire there in your heart, and trust that Father/ Mother God told you to go in the direction of your person, and go there, absolutely trust that truth in your heart, it's not some mad idea, it's real, it's true, it's where you need to focus on, it's where you need to heal perfectly. Nothing comes directly through your Twin Flame that isn't what you and the Divine have already shared. Everything you heal is between you and your Twin Flame, carry on in that direction, more and more truth will be revealed. Surrender control, relax into trust, trust yourself, trust your Twin Flame and trust the Divine.

Let go of ideas about how it'll come about, but please give it (that love) to yourself right now. Every tome the Divine intervenes with something extraordinary, it takes you by surprise. Harmonious Union comes when you're ready, not a minute before or after, In the meantime, love yourself more. Love's always expanding, it's safe to do that, surrender to love and trust, you're always receiving more love.You loving you, you don't need your Twin Flame for anything or to do anything. Any triggers are only there because we were already hurting, when we heal what we're shown, we make room to receive more love, that's all our Twins are doing, loving us.

The more you commit to yourself, to love, the more you show up for yourself, that's Harmonious Union, you're being asked to go in that direction, follow the person you're given in your heart and surrender everything else to the Divine.

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Jan 04, 2021

the painting looks like you hit G spot father/mother they use the G in masonry centre point

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