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How To Make Your Twin Flame Show Up For You, Permanently And Forever 💥

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

With everything that's been happening in your life at the moment, even if it seems unrelated to your Twin Flame journey, look at what the Divine is saying to you, is there anywhere you are pushing against the flow? The Divine way is always the smoothest.

On this journey, expect to be surprised. It's understandable, especially if you have had some challenging experiences, to say that you don't want any more surprises, but that's a form of control, the Divine is always unexpected. No need to be afraid of any nasty surprises, the Divine will not give you anything that's not your heart's desire. Surrender the control to the Divine, just choose the journey, the Divine knows the journey and the correct way for you. Everything that you are brought is exactly the way of least resistance. All you have to do is stay present with yourself, this moment of staying present is the way to healing. It's wonderful to become aware of the patterns you are choosing to release, let love into that space. don't rush loving yourself, allow yourself to fully receive that love right now, and in doing so, love will no longer seem like it's one step away, always out of reach...not any more! However long the healing takes in this moment, sit with the Divine, allow Divine Love into this place, feel into and choose to release any resistance that comes up to receiving that love. Take as much time as you need over this, you deserve the extra time required to receive that love, it's the greatest gift you can give to yourself, love isn't somewhere else, it's here, in this moment. Choose to allow yourself to receive this love, be present with yourself so you can fully have this gift and that space that is aching for love can be filled and you can relax, trust the Divine fully to really partner with you.

Don't rush through these moments you spend with the Divine, who is saying to you, 'Will you stay a little longer with me, what's the rush?' You'd want your Twin Flame to stay longer with you and not rush off onto the next thing before they've really got their arms around you, wouldn't you? Call in greater stillness, greater peace, be with the Divine in a tender, sweet embrace you'd want to have with your lover, you'd want it to last. Stay with that feeling, continue to show up for yourself, go deeper. Show up for yourself and give yourself the undivided attention you very much deserve. Be there for yourself, once and for all, for all eternity, showing up with God, you won't leave yourself again.

Give yourself permission to speak your truth authentically, with feeling and expressions of love. Know that it's completely safe to feel love. If anything about that feels uneasy, go there, don't run from that feeling, these feelings are the way into love, meet your feelings where they are, allow them to unravel. You can't be hurt by them in any way, you're made of pure love. 100% pure love, you're incorruptible, your love is stronger than anything and is not dependant on anything else because the Divine is your Source. Love without expectations. Loving the Divine is where Twin Flame love stems from, not from the outside. Give yourself all the love and reassurance you need.

Communication is where the collective is at. Surrender is the way to know you're safe. Do what you're guided to do, the Divine leads everything, no need to put yourself under pressure. At this time the collective is moving deeper into understanding that communication happens in many different ways and communication with the Divine is an internal process. Your Twin Flame is you, it's not so much about the words you use but how you communicate with the Divine and yourself. It's not about telling your Twin Flame everything, they already have a core understanding, there's no need to convince anyone. Love is also expressed through presence, showing up, for yourself, the Divine and your Twin Flame, and the external will reflect the relationship you have within. Communication with the Divine is often silence, still the mind, give the Divine space to allow Her to communicate, and be open to receiving.

Your Twin Flame is an energy, a person within the core of your being. You manifest them by loving yourself. inviting the Divine in and making your life new. If you're reading this, you've been investing in yourself for quite some time. You've taken responsibility for your journey, your Twin Flame is not responsible for your feelings but you are responsible for working through them, when you completely heal an upset it's no longer there, and you can let go of it. This requires presence with yourself, if there is any part of you that feels not shown up for by your Twin Flame, you'll be upset because you're not showing up for you here, and your Twin Flame can't show up for you. No one can take your love away, your love is here and now, not with your Twin Flame but with the Divine. Choose to let the Divine love you in this place, choose for the Divine to be enough, let Her fill you up, so you feel fully loved. There's never any lack of love, the Divine is here, from the moment you call Her in, wherever you become aware that you need love, Divine Love is here, blessed relief.

A word about the internal communication with your Twin Flame, because it's not about projecting or communicating your upsets to them, because that's giving power to the upset. You're responsible for your own upset (you're not responsible for theirs), and it's your responsibility to heal yourself, sharing the upset, even internally, empowers it and doesn't serve you. Show up simply for yourself, and when you communicate internally with your Twin Flame, you communicate about love, not the upset. Your Twin Flame's job is not to heal your upsets but to show you where you are upset. Their job is to show you where you're not loving yourself, that's why there is third parties. The third party is empowered if you say 'I'm upset that you're doing this.' They'll have to continue doing it until responsibility is taken. You can't convince your Twin Flame of anything, they're you. It's not about sharing upsets, but internal communication is about showing up with love. These are all places that we may need to shift and understand humility.

Embrace your emotions, feel your feelings, allow them to surface and be accepted, listen with your heart, always the Divine first, you can't have a relationship with your Twin Flame if you don't have one with the Divine. Choose to see illusions for what they are, don't go outside to try to fix things, as that is putting the love outside yourself, nothing is fixed on the outside, go deeper. Surrender any frustration, really feel that you trust the Divine enough to do it for you, know that God's got you. It's OK to dip a toe in then take it out, however many times you do, it's OK to be a but unsure, building this trust is a process. Pushing back is OK, when we're not with God it doesn't feel smooth or aligned, that in itself tells us that we don't like it. Anything done with God feels good and peaceful, and that becomes the way to know if you're with God. You're rooting out all that discomfort, the journey is about finding what the upset is so you can move through it.

Choose your deeper connection with God, to be more present with yourself, showing up more for yourself, less abandonment of the self, don't give power to the illusion, just remember that you're one with love and you don't recognise any illusion. You already have all the answers you seek, it's safe to trust what you know.

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