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Twin Flames ~ Huge Influxes of Light And a New Energy of Communication Coming In🌈

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

🌞If you're lucky enough to be able to get out into nature at the moment, even if it's your garden, really savour, enjoy and delight in it, revel deep into how you were created, you're learning to savour yourself. There's a beautiful energy happening at the moment, such influxes of light during the month of April, I haven't seen since 2014. Share your images of the parts of nature you do have access to, to relay them to the people who don't have access.🔥 🧡During this time in isolation, many people may be feeling that they want their Twin Flame to be closer, to be present, they they want more of them. If this is you, what are you really asking for? More of yourself. Your Twin Flame is not the solution, God/Goddess is. Invite the Divine into your arms. When going out into Nature, the Divine is really showing you the Garden of Delights, it's a beautiful way of connecting. And peaceful, we can gauge our healing on how peaceful we feel, it's not about what's going on in the external, but how we feel about the external. Nothing can come in the way of your love, nothing is stopping your love, no person, no thing has the power to do that. Give yourself that relief right now that nothing's stopping your love. Find any place in your consciousness that lacks peace and bring more peace there now. Bring complete peace, gentleness, tenderness and sweetness to that place, birdsong, greenery, blue skies, sunlight, little fluffy clouds, tranquillity, every living creature. Your Twin Flame is already with you in that place, you're going deeper into eternal peace. The beautiful surroundings you see are a reflection of what you're creating within.🍁 💥Feel your true self, establish a true connection with yourself and the Divine, everyone and everything you encounter is helping guide you back to love. Love yourself and deliver that love to yourself in the way you are asking, make this love tailor made, specifically for what you want and need because that's what you can have right now, what you were created to have. Honour your Union, but the way the peace comes is when you're certain that it's already yours, so if on any level you're still a bit unsure, that's what you need to heal by loving yourself there. Separation consciousness is the belief you may not be one at the core. If you're choosing your true Twin Flame, they must be doing the same. Work through any heartache and pain that may be coming up for healing. To think Your Twin Flame is not feeling the same or not feeling anything is daft, because clearly they do. They will come forward at the perfect time, please trust that. Give them time to process the current energies, that's what you're doing. Trust that doing the inner work makes you naturally attractive.💖 💢There comes a point in every successful Union where your mode of communication opens up, it opens up the way. You find a way to connect in an invulnerable way, where you've healed enough of thinking you can be hurt, and this is the point at which you can be really authentic, not really invulnerable, but vulnerable without being hurt. Why would your twin Flame not want to communicate with you just as much as you want to with them? This is a reflection of your choices, so if you want to be with your Twin Flame, they want to be with you too. The energy of Harmonious Union is here, it's present, that's where you've healed, Union is inevitable. This time period is a great time to feel really connected, focus on your heart, savouring and focusing on Harmonious energy which is where you want to be, anything not peaceful needs working through. What is the evidence of this inevitability? Trusting God/ Goddess, the root of all upsets are here. What does the part of you that gets upset need? Love that part of yourself, and trust. It's the same Creator/Creatress that created the beauty of nature. That Creator/Creatress is leading your journey, it's safe to trust He/she Who made that magnificent creation.🍷 🎀It's not about there being anything on the outside that you can see, regarding your Union coming together, everything can switch in an instant, that's the nature of miracles, God/Goddess is always unexpected. The places and the hows that you think will happen won't. It's happen another way, it'll be a lovely surprise, and will always be even better. It's more peaceful to let things be, where are you connected to your Twin Flame that won't change, no matter what? In the heart, it's a permanent phenomena. We're healing our understanding of that. Harmonious Union in simply a realisation in a moment. You heal just one thing and you go from not realising to realising, in an instant, and miracles happen. Your task now is simply refining your vibe in that choice, the journey is so simple, Simply ask yourself, where am I not peaceful? Don't look outside or try to control, it's an inner state. Harmonious Union is a feeling, not an external thing. It aligns with the Law of Attraction, which is instant. you're in your preparation time. All the understanding in your heart brings more peace and the resonance of Harmonious Union. Be in the knowing energy of that's where you're at, that beautiful awareness, the home stretch, go deep. There's a new way of communicating with your Twin Flame that's occurring right now, the energy is completely different to how it was in the past, there has been a very strong theme lately in my intimate readings about going from the old ways of communicating to the new ways of communicating. Past ways of communicating were based on our consciousness at the time.🍇 ☔Choose your happiness, is there still a part of you more comfortable being unhappy? make the choice to have your good, receive the love of the Divine through your Twin Flame. Allow yourself to choose that, knowing the old beliefs and patterns and ways of being, although familiar to you, can go. choose love, your eternal love is here to stay, it's not going anywhere, it's a permanent phenomena, nothing can stop this, it's not soulmate love, it's not the love we're used to where something could get in the way. It's totally different, it's something very very sure, be certain you can't mess it up, it doesn't matter what's happened in the past, be positive. Confidence is the key to success, there's a new phase of the healing process now underway, a new state of consciousness, have confidence that it will bring you success. This new cycle is about building the next bit of the foundation, Harmonious Union energy is coming in. Have confidence in that and focus in the right direction of trusting the Divine. Your Union is protected, your Beloved is safe.🌌

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