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Love The Internal You, No Matter What's Presented And Then You Can Do That With Your Twin Flame🍄

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

💚🌳One thing this journey is definitely not about, is waiting for your good to come in, you don't have to do that. It's about readiness to receive your good, so choose to be ready and look at the feelings about why you could feel you might not be. Bring love to those places. The choice to be ready is one thing, and how you feel about being ready to receive. Make the choice, work the process and manifest the result. Don't brush away any uncomfortable feelings, you don't want to be kept waiting for your good, you matter. Reassure yourself that you matter to the Divine, your good matters, fill that space with Love. Call in greater peace. Everything you're doing is a lesson, it's something to heal. The collective is currently healing through the belief that if one makes themselves vulnerable and allows themselves to be in love, it becomes a tragedy, and that these romantic notions are pipe dreams, they're going to be pushed under a train. How do you feel about your own Love story, are you afraid it won't last? A brief holiday? 🌞

🍒💖If you have used your Love to get high, was that high energy realistic, where it makes you feel drunk? Getting high off the experience, what did it feel like you were receiving? What does that part of you need to know? That it's really real, it's not something that one has to squeeze the juice out of before it's gone again. It's not going to be like this. In any kind of relationship this limerent high is unsustainable because one can't really go for the rest of their life thinking about nothing but their person. Because what happens in that moment is that the person becomes the source of that energy. It's not the source of Love, but really, everything we're building here is about building something sustainable, a house that's going to stand firm in a gale, we built it on rock, it will stand. Go for rock for your foundation. it's all about what you build on. This isn't a soap opera set up, this is an eternal relationship that you're building. This is the consciousness you're stepping into, leaving the old one behind, stepping out of hell. Your choices are powerful in your life, they do shift reality. It's about leaving behind the heavy, horrific, that 'nothing's ever going to work out' feeling. It's about leaving behind this deadness of 'why bother? No more 'what ifs'.🥑

💭🍄The end of bad romance, the end of romance that goes wrong. The collective is clearing deep intimacy and deep heart blocks. If one Twin Flame is leaking sexual energy, it shows the other that they need to be more present with their own sexual energy, more present with their being in a loving, respectful, honouring manner. What does self intimacy really mean, have you discovered a new way of seeing in this area? Sexual intimacy with oneself is just one way we have of expressing that energy, but aside from that it's about being with all of yourself, being with parts of yourself that you may really have tucked away and hidden and even forgotten about. We don't realise they're there. Intimacy is really about the commitment to go in and be present in all of those spaces. Saying in these places, 'I will love you (the internal you), no matter what you present as.' Because when you can do that, you can do that for your Twin Flame. Because otherwise, if we want them in our lives, and we want the good stuff, as I said earlier, the high, the wonderful time, if we only want that, we see what happens. Twin Flames in Union have lost it by only focusing on the good stuff and not the uncomfortable stuff.🍂

🌀🍧By focusing only on the pleasant stuff and not the uncomfortable stuff, we hit that wall and things come crashing down in various ways. Pretty much everyone experiences this, but the minute we realise that intimacy is simply saying, 'I will sit with you, even if you are in a snotty, difficult place, and I'm just going to be present and present in Love there. And I accept you in that snotty place, because when you can be with your person in that place and they can be with you in that place, you have not only committed to be yourself fully, but you are safe. It's all about, when they're in that space with you, it's realising that maybe coming into that Union will take a few goes, and it's OK. It's OK if they come into the 'us-sphere', and trigger and then zoom off. It's just the next piece. If, you've pencilled in a date that you're going to see them in, say, three months time, that might be the next bit you need. It may seem like a while off, but in truth, it may be something you've been given to steer towards, and then that'll completely shift and become tomorrow. It's completely unknown. what's known is you and the next piece. And knowing that your Love is not this person, it's entirely internal. Your Spiritual Source is within you. And once you've got that down, that's when your Union can manifest.🌸

💢🍷If we keep diving out, it's OK, we can just keep going back in, heal the anxiety. Clear that stuff away so you can receive everything. The collective is being Divinely guided into a place of greater healing. Arriving at a feeling of peace and bliss is the reward for having cleared a previous block. You go into the upset, and then get the relief, which is the freedom from it and then you move into the next upset. There's a lot of healing going on and a lot of receptivity to it. Healing is Love and as you pour Love into a space, everything around that is affected by that frequency. Dreams exist so that they may come true, as long as you pursue them, people don't know that, they're taught the opposite, the idea, 'If I do it, I'm just going to end up squished, so why bother?' That's what we're releasing at the moment, that's what all these intimacy blocks in our heart are all about, we got winded there the last time we tried. we're just circling back into that space where we wanted to give up before. We need to really get into the core there, working with a coach will help you find more of those places, which will be wonderful.🌴

😍🧡The Divine will point you in the direction of the most healing. We want it to be sustainable. The collective is working through a pattern of boom and bust, because we haven't had this steady stream of Love, and this pattern takes a little while to let go of, because we think it's going to stop. This is what you're working on right now and it's going to expand for all Eternity into so many lovely things that we don't even conceive of right now. It nourishes the internal relationship, that's your Union. That's how you know your person, because you're connecting to something that feels right, that feels like Love, you can evidence it that way. You heart is speaking to you. When you meet your Twin Flame, there's often some subtle awareness, but not full awareness, we're not necessarily looking for a person at the time. but from the mud, the lotus flower blooms. But you need the mud. Unsustainable times are gone, how hoes it feel to let go of all that? You're more grounded, you can heal through things, you've got different tools, it'll be a different experience. work through all your blocks, feel into everything, it should all feel smooth, no need to feel bad.💚

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