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Twin Flames ~ Not Seeing External Results And What To Do About It

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Right now, it's particularly crucial that we all feel our feelings, this will help to steer us in the right direction and bring the next obstacle to work through, the next steps to take. The purpose of having your Harmonious Union is God, so is there anything stopping you from being with the Divine? Your outside world containing your Twin Flame will reflect your inner relationship with the Divine. You don't need to do anything other than work on your inner relationship with the Divine and the rest will fall into place. A very common block to love is believing that you can have it, that it's really for you and not just other people. Choose instead to have that love with your person, let go of the idea that it's not for you, it absolutely is for you. It's just being brought to you in the perfect way without you having to worry about a thing, it's all being taken care of. Separation is not real, you've always been one. Thankfully, nothing can change that, no matter what you see externally, your Union is always secure and protected. That oneness is with the Divine, knowing that the relationship is safe and secure with God. Surrender that oneness to God, He's taking care of everything.

In actual fact, Harmonious Union is very easy, it's just a state of being, a knowing and feeling the connection. That's what you're looking for, an energy, a vibe, it's not about being perfect, it's just your relationship and connection with the Divine, so now is a time to be shifting into trust, of yourself, of your person, of the Divine. Time to get practical with it, build it so there is the platform of trust and faith, which will be needed further down the line towards Harmonious Union, you really do need that trust, to be very strong to face any fears. This love, if you're seeing the inner spiritual work, is inevitable, you are growing towards it, nothing is against you, you just work through the blocks. Another common upset that many people are having right now is, "Why am I not seeing external results?" That's coming from a place of upset and control, it's time to let that go, surrender it now. If you can, it may be helpful to get out into nature at this time, nature will give you a sense of a peaceful, natural environment, a natural state, your inner state. You're not seeing external results because the outside isn't the place you should be looking.

Look inside, is there an upset and if so, what's the upset? Just because someone's not currently doing what you want, it's not a reason to get disheartened, it's what triggers you into healing. Wanting someone to do what you want is not how love works, this is your test of unconditional love. Say your person is physically away from you right now, is it OK for them to have a nice time of it? Your person doesn't come to you because they're miserable but just because it's truth.They will be loved as much as you are, the more you love yourself the more they'll feel loving towards themselves. If you love yourself more and more your vibe rises and the likelihood of staying in any misaligned situation decreases. When two people come together in relationship it's because they're both vibeing at similar frequencies. If the frequency of one changes, they'll eventually go their separate ways. As we increase the amount of love we give ourselves our vibe rises and the people that we attract change and the way we look at relationships changes, and it doesn't have to be difficult, it can be a peaceful, gentle resolution. Continue to love yourself, and it helps your Twin Flame love themselves until they can recognise you, it's an internal journey for both of you. Your person is not necessarily having a good or a bad time without you, they're just aligning, the same as you are. By letting go of speculation that they may be having a bad time in order to come to you and you allow yourself to have a good time, you don't want to be projecting that bad time onto yourself.

Allow them to have whatever experiences they have to and the truth will be revealed. Everyone is your mirror, not just your Twin, everyone is helping you to move through all the awquard stuff that you may feel the need to control. Keep releasing and suddenly, one day you're there. The truth is already there, and suddenly, one day, there it is, bang, in your consciousness. The Divine will always surprise you, even when you think you've got this to a T.

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