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Only In The Divine Is Your Twin Flame Found, They're Already Found, We're Already There 🌻🌼

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Sticking with the theme of letting go of the settling energy, of not believing that one really can quite have true love, even when it's right in one's face and instead, treating it like a marathon, putting more and more effort in. It's a big deal, to realise there's really no need for that. A Course in Miracles states that, "True prayer must avoid the pitfall of asking to entreat. ask, rather, to receive what is already given, to accept what is already there." You don't have to do anything to have your Twin Flame, they're already yours, their love is already given you. No need to work yourself to death and practically bury yourself to get crumbs, that will not ne necessary. Point yourself towards the Divine, only there is your Twin Flame found. They're already found, we're already there.

Use that language, that's the complete irony of the whole journey, we're there already, no need to resist anymore, that's a long ingrained pattern. a perpetual repeating pattern, which is, if I may put it bluntly, a pain in the arse, and the collective is ready to dismantle it. Being present with your feelings makes sure that they're leaving, give them permission to come up and out, give them the space they need to do so, there is no rush, don't avoid the release if it. You called your good in and everything out of alignment with it will upheave, but your good will always be there, no need to be afraid of the process. Really dig into the core and dismantle the structure, just allow, it's happening at the perfect pace. You're becoming clear on who you are, which may have nothing to do with people from your past and exes, they may have stepped in at that point of your journey as people to help you get clear. Tidy up your experience in all the corners and give these people the right labels for who they were to you.

Everything you do must be processed and integrated and grounded into the earth, make sure it feels good so it can take root. remaining high has no foundation, the patterns must go, Union isn't sustainable there. Grounded love can grow, and while the patterns are in the way, moving forward is prevented. It's much better, during this time period of releasing, to allow your Twin Flame to get on with their own healing, always in unison with your own, and not interfere with that process, you don't need anything from them in the meantime, let them do their thing. When we're at out most vulnerable, it's not necessarily the most compassionate thing to be right in eachother's faces during this process of what's going on, and triggering even more. Let it happen naturally, let it be. If you're the Twin Flame who's called to do the spiritual work, and if you're reading this, you probably are, please know that the blocks have been moved over to your person to free you up to do the work. They won't be having such a great time while you go through your healing process, social media notwithstanding. But rest easy, it's all kicking off in consciousness, but they can attain full awareness really quickly.

Please know that you're succeeding, moving through everything, and even if you hit another even deeper block, work through that too, it's the entire old structure you're taking apart. It's simply meeting the feeling and feeling it to be able to meet it, working through an releasing various levels of numbness to be able to feel the deeper layers of feeling to come to greater levels of clarity and understanding. It's very empowering to be able to access feelings that were inaccessible before, in a way that feels healthy. It's how it's meant to feel, it's a lot harder at the start of the journey, because there was so much numbing out to feelings that the triggering is more painful. it can really hurt at the start but later on you see how little power the illusion has, it has no power at all. to give the illusion power is to say that it carries some weight, but the external situation couldn't possibly be real. You're coming together at the core, you know what it's like when there's no meeting at the core, it's not nice. Have compassion for your Twin Flame and what they're going through. But togetherness at the core, it's not an add on, it just feels good to be with yourself, you are, it's going to happen. The awareness comes in with both of you.

Grounding is coming into your body, and when you're present there, you can hear the Divine there. Follow that guidance. Hold space for your Twin Flame as they come into a deeper awareness of themselves and of who you are to them, it can be pretty full on. They may be working through feelings of regret, believing that they don't deserve to be forgiven, when in actual fact, there's nothing to forgive. Do you feel like you have to forgive yourself for anything along the way? That it could have been attained sooner, for example? Time is an illusion, you collected so many priceless gifts along the way. Realise that for your Twin Flame to recognise you fully and feel that it's you, be in your peace. You could bump into them today but if you're not in your peace they won't see you clearly, that's the walking away energy instead of, 'oh, this feels good, I want more of it.' rest easy and ground into knowing that it's happening. There's nothing more you need to do, other than what you are doing. If, in Union, there's an undercurrent of not peace present, it gets seriously amplified, it's enough to work through upsets normally. The correct attitude to have is that Union happens when it's compassionate to do so. If it's not happened yet, it's just because it wouldn't be compassionate.

It's also about knowing that it'll not only be compassionate for you but also your Twin Flame is you too. You want to give your Union the best chance, you don't want to be going in and out of separation, you want to maintain it. Also you'll be looking at the space you're in, whether you'll be living together, or starting with Zoom meetings and working through upsets first that way, feel into how it'll work best for you. Even when Union happens, you don't have to rush anything, you don't have to go straight into living together and being married. Take the most compassionate pace while continuing to move forward. There'll be all sorts of things to organise. Your Twin Flame won't come in to make everything better and you'll be skipping down the road holding hands, it's different to that. There'll be a lot of healing going on in your Union right now. Even if you're on the other side of the bulk of it and you've got your balance, your holding the towel for your Twin Flame as it's their turn to go deep. Not that they've not been doing that anyway, but you'll be able to see more clearly that stuff is going on. Even if it's felt slow, it's all perfect. It's happened how it's meant to because it wouldn't have been compassionate any other way.

They take on the blocks to allow you to move forward. Imagine how uncomfortable it must have been for them. Union can happen only when it's compassionate. The life they're living isn't comfortable, it's not a happy life. It's showing a pattern, whether one realises it or not, it's still not nice. That's what you've been uprooting. When you heal the pattern underneath, they realise, 'Get that shit away from me, I don't want it!" The settling energy is being examined and being noticed. This is a process of leaving the old paradigm behind. It's a big structure to dismantle. You shouldn't be worried in the slightest that your Twin Flame is to undergo the same process, and recognise and have compassion for all those steps and stages, and understand, that if they're with a third party, they're in the process of understanding what's real and what's not. And to let go of the settling energy, it's recognising that the concept of settling's wrong and that Twin Flames are real, and that's a big shift in consciousness. You're doing this in your own unique way, leaning to be in the world and not of it. And you'll be believing in a fairy tale but in a way that makes it real, that goes beyond the happy ending to when the sun comes up the next day.

That's everything that your Twin Flame has to go through, and they may not in terns of the same time frame as you or the same awareness. They're doing it in a different way, an possibly all at once. they're having these moments of heart awareness where they realise things are not the way they thought. You're there to provide the soft landing they'll need and that foundation, to give them the guidance. don't take the BS, spot when they're trying to push against that. and be gentle with yourself, you can't go to 100% faith in an instant. We've had a lot of evidence in our lives that love's not real or we can't have this great love, and it's up to us to go there and bring love there. Go back in time to key moments in life, this particular year, this person from back then, see what's being held in that energy. you need to do the same with Love itself. Pushing away love or God, believing you can't have it and then your Twin Flame pushing you away, mirroring, it really is that simple. In consciousness, they may not perceive it that way, when they said 'no thanks,' it may not have been what they were thinking, but it was what was going on.

It's like sitting with a creature that's never known affection before, you just have to sit there patiently with your hand out. There's more housekeeping happening, still grounding in, it may seem boring but grounding's not boring, rest enables you to be present with yourself without rushing here and there. Feel the more centred feeling, follow your Divine guidance, ground in every moment. Look at what you feel about Love itself and look at the places where you wanted to push the other way. Look at your relationship with Love itself. Housekeep through all of consciousness and show up for yourself in those places and choose love there. You'll find a lot of connecting patterns and you'll be doing sweeps and sweeps of it till it's stabilised. And that's the energy of being ready for a relationship and being secure enough to be able to invite that in without a freakout. You want to keep your Union when it comes in and stabilize it. You're going to get there, you can't not get there.

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