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Over The Threshold Of Awareness Into Harmonious Twin Flame Union🎀

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

🌵🌱Things happen when you're ready, but you always knew your day would come, this is a journey into deeper awareness, the deeper you go, more healing occurs. Whole and complete healing. You set out on the spiritual journey to the new destination on the other side, and once there, new desires will arise, new contrast leading to the next thing. People are unaccustomed to manifesting Eternal joy, peace, Love and success. This is getting handled forever so you won't have to take the journey ever again, the lessons will have been learned. You will have awakened to Love so that when you return you won't have to attain it. It remains with you forever, true prosperity, wealth and abundance. There is a high price for true prosperity, but the rewards are Eternal. With every step there are new challenges, blocks and feelings to process. Don't get upset at the process, don't get angry at the block. God invites you to build a house and hands you another brick. Oh boo hoo, not another brick, not mortar! Don't lament, don't feel frustrated, before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water, after enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.🍃

🌄🧶The house was already there, the Divine's vision was already complete. It's not your job to alter, but receive Her vision, experience the adventure. We are still learning to find joy in God's experiences for us, the process takes grit, it requires fortitude to be on the leading edge of consciousness. You don't wan to be measuring your greatness through the metrics of the world rather than through the eyes of God. With every challenge comes great reward, please know that the collective is moving from one way of being to another, and as you grow new challenges and stressors arise. The new vortex is starting to pull us through, we're purifying the way by loving, smoothing over our emotions, there's something really good in the other side, creating Heaven on Earth by creating it in your own life. Working through the blocks and upsets, bringing Love to all these places, clicking into your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, the final piece, the final nugget. Some people don't stick it out and bail, but it's going to happen, it's coming.🌍

🌅💙Some people and their Unions have a relatively small energy. Those who have e very expansive energy require a big foundation before coming in, some people have one hell of a soul design. I mentioned in a recent post that when you've known your Twin Flame for a long time, when you do reach Harmonious Union it's so natural and easy. There's so much more experience from being in the 'I know my Twin Flame' thing on some level for a long time. You'll have a lot more going for you on the journey because of the experience that you have. All you have to do is surrender here, raise your vibration and release resistance. The awareness was there, even back then, having known your person. Consciously or unconsciously, there was always an awareness that this person was important somehow. But to have your Union you would have had to and would still have had to go through everything that you've gone through. There's no getting away from the work you've done and every upset that's happened would've happened if you'd got together or stayed together back then.🎆

☔💜The point is that you've done it in a very compassionate way by stepping away, saying OK, I recognise you and now the work begins, I want you, I claim you and that means rolling my sleeves up. No going off on a tangent, choose your way through the blocks, choose to be ready and choosing to prepare to be ready because there's stuff to work through to be ready. All of that's basically fine, the main thing is the core choice is what you're choosing to work towards. It's already done and then you've just got to work through the illusion of making it happen into the awareness. Because the awareness is the part where it's, 'Yeah, I'm now ready to let this in. Your person is already present now. If you'd prefer for them to be physically present, well yes, but you can't control how they are present with you right now and how that grows and comes in. Look into your consciousness, what's the awareness of your person being present in real life, as in the physical. What comes up when you feel into that? Look for all the little nuances with really refined senses. Do they feel already present now, how does that feel?🍷

🎀🌸When you go through experiences of everyday stuff, are you aware of your Twin Flame, can you feel that presence? Do you have internal communication and physically experience, and see and feel into it in whatever way happens for you? It's already here. Success is all around you, it's part of who you are, there's no need to rush. Let go of self judgement as you strive to move into the more attractive space in consciousness, is there part of you that feels outside that space? Everyone is Divinely created, choose to claim your Divine beauty. You're perfect for your Twin Flame and your Twin Flame is perfect for you because you were created for eachother. Even if someone finds you or your Twin Flame attractive, at the core, the correct match is the one which feels the best, that's created that way. The one where you love everything, not a select this or that. Are you ready to walk into that beauty? Your Union's there, there's no reason to be separate or away.💕

💖💘Is there a part of you that feels apprehensive about moving into this relationship? In your Union, you've done all this healing and it will be a completely different experience. It's safe to say it'll feel completely different for your Twin Flame as well. If you have already been together, you won't have been together so fully from the heart as you will be now, it just deepens and deepens and deepens and always gets richer and juicier. Even if you have experienced eachother, you haven't at this level so it will be a completely new experience for you both. It'll be brand new. You might not necessarily get straight down to it, it's however God brings it in. It's OK if God says you're not going to the bedroom just yet because there's stuff to heal, then that's what happens. Some Unions go straight to the healing, others straight to the Love and intimacy. You can't control it, you may go straight there and hit a block. Being with your Twin Flame is being with you and being with God, there's nothing weird or difficult.💥

🍁🧡It's just you and you and sometimes we have to clear the old relationship stuff and sometimes we have the blocks come up and it's all about going deeper and deeper and deeper and healing all of that sexual relationship. So even if the sex doesn't go as planned at first, that's just our next step. It's not about putting pressure on ourselves to perform, there's no performance in Union, it can happen without the slightest bit of an issue. If you have had a Union for a long time in your life and you've had your person, it might be a bit different when you come into Union than those who came into Union not having been together prior. You may have done all the initial stuff that people are currently experiencing. If you've already experienced that, you'll just go deeper in this intimate area. It may be like your first time all over again because your hearts will be fully engaged when before there may have been a degree of numbing. It depends on the awareness. Because you've known eachother, because you've been doing this healing because you've been building this incredible foundation.🔥

🌞🌛When you come together the awareness present is going to be much more fully formed. Much more over the threshold of connection because you've already done all the preliminaries. there will be a familiarity, the 'I got to know you, I've shown my commitment, it's already done.' So yes, you may get carried over the threshold, and it's like, "how do I be with myself? How do I be with God?" And it's OK to learn and relearn everything, it's OK to have a block. It'll be OK because your Twin Flame is not going to disappear because you're not going to disappear, you don't choose to, not after all this time. You'll shift more into new habits that support you, it's about the energy needed to bring Union, it's a different, cleaner, conscious way of being. At this level we can't do anything to betray our heart or our Union. No interest in anyone else whatsoever. It's OK to acknowledge that on this journey one may feel weary at times, people quit when they're in this energy, but you have what this takes.✨

🌵🌴Rest and take time for yourself because after Union the healing doesn't stop, and it's always you and God, not you and your Twin Flame doing the healing work. Keep checking in there all the time, how do you feel, how does your Twin Flame feel? Are they present with you in consciousness, are they moving around, are they communicating? Are they experiencing things with you? Refer to any personal readings that you have had. The stuff they mention needs to be fully healed through, take as long as you need for this. Make full use of these gems that are everywhere, all the little nuggets. Sometimes Unions are asked to focus on their Life Purpose a lot because they need the financial foundation. With both abundance and Union, you can feel it, it may not be present yet and you might not quite know why. All we're doing is tidying, getting to all the nuggets, going where the Divine leads.🧶


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