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Presence With, And Trust For, Yourself, Your Twin Flame And The Divine 🌞

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

I said recently how important it is to detach from what one is seeing with the outer senses, they won't tell you the truth of what's really happening. The outer 'reality' and the tiny self are just illusions, and as you continue the inner healing on this journey, you work through and heal through all the upsets that arise, till you no longer have any in that place, if you have already healed through the majority of these upsets, layer by layer, and you still have a few little bits to work through, that's OK. What's not OK is to ignore upsets, you can't do that with a Twin Flame, you can't have Harmonious Union while ignoring upsets, but please cut yourself some slack, it's OK if it takes a little longer than you would like, and it's OK to not have to do everything at once.

Give yourself the support you need, and in doing so, you are loving and supporting your Twin Flame the way they need to be loved and supported, there's no need to wonder about where they're at or what they're needing, you're one, just feel into what you need, and give that to yourself right now. Lat all the parts of you that are asking for love feel your presence, the presence of the Divine, the presence of your Twin Flame, no one ever left, no one was ever separate, choose to claim your support from the Divine. It's safe to be present with yourself, it's the same as being present with Mother/ Father God and being present with your Twin Flame. The place to be is with yourself. It's safe, as well as particularly crucial at this time, to be grounded. Stay present with yourself, don't rush the exercise, choose to feel this Divine connection.

You are rooting into truth and love itself, feel the Divine all round you, feel how cared for and loved you are. When you trust you surrender, feel encapsulated and held and safe, trust the Divine has got you. Faith is a huge part of the journey, you really do need stupendous amounts of faith. As you go ever deeper you feel safer and safer and more secure, and you know how well you are being looked after.

There is a piece of your Twin Flame in every partner you've previously had, everyone you choose to have a relationship with, every relationship we attract into our life has an element of our Twin Flame. It's literally all the things you liked about these partners, and ultimately, those are the same qualities you like about yourself. By taking all the things you liked about all your exes, and the things you didn't like and flipping them, you can build a picture of your one true love, that's your person. By getting clear on who your true Twin Flame is to you in this way, you can claim your Heaven on Earth with them in this life, you're here to embrace this perfect life of love with them, for all eternity. Embrace your truth on ever deeper levels, love yourself, claim your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. You don't need to create anything, it's already here.

How does it feel in your heart when you connect with your Twin Flame, do you feel them choosing you? Even if the outer senses do not tell you this, your heart knows. If you have any doubts that they are not choosing what you're choosing, go to that place where there may be some hesitation or disbelief, ask that place in yourself what it needs and shine the sun of your love on that place, the vibe of Harmonious Union. Harmonious Union is the awareness that you are already, and always have been one. Of course they're choosing you. Feel the peaceful, grounded presence, knowingness, centredness, oneness, connection with the Divine. Sit with that feeling, be rejuvenated by it. If you're still at all unsure about that knowingness, just invite the Divine in and let Her do Her job, choose to claim your support in releasing separation, that is what will get you there.

All this is what builds your foundation for your Harmonious Union, it's perhaps the most boring part, but you need the foundation, and this stable, grounded foundational energy is exactly what you're growing now. This cycle is completing, and while you never stop working on the foundation, there will be more fun things to do in addition to it. The Divine will bring you everything if you claim your Divine support. It's OK to take your time.

Slowing down doesn't necessarily mean slowing down (lol). You do not delay your arrival at your destination by surrendering, you're doing everything at the perfect pace for you. If you choose to go a little faster, it may me a little more uncomfortable as things will come up to work through faster, or you can choose to take it a little easier, find a balance which will be the most compassionate pace for you. The things that you have to clear will take as long as they will, and if you hit a sticky patch and they take a little bit longer than anticipated, that's OK too. Surrender into trust, feel how the Divine has got you and is always here for you, can you feel Her when you call Her in?

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