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🌊Presence With Yourself ~ Your Twin Flame Love Will Literally Fly You Away

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

🍐🌾It's always advisable to have more presence with your feelings in the moment and knitting together healing and life, it's not about just allowing things to happen to you, but recognise the Divine is speaking to you through everything. Don't feel like it's a race to get somewhere, you can't get there unless you feel your feelings. If you're working without presence you're working without the Divine, and that wastes energy, it leaks energy. The way to get to the next piece is by being fully present where you're at. It's safe to relax, there's value in calmness and stillness and peace. Peace is being with the Divine, rushing around is really just avoiding the Divine. Be present with yourself to really live life. Rushing is rushing past life, and that's not how we get our Union, we want to be present now. When you feel a bit anxious, a bit flustered, it's really important to notice, you can't let that slip, you really need to be present with yourself. that's the way you'll move forward, easily, effortlessly on your journey.🌿

🥦🌏When you see your environment, be sure to use everything as an opportunity to heal. Choose presence, awareness, alertness, realise your whole environment is interacting with you. The only way you can transcend where you are into your new life is to move through it. And no longer seeing things around you that don't seem to be relevant, there's no story happening, it's just a reflection of your inner consciousness, or else it couldn't be there. So if there's something in your environment that you don't like, it's reflecting the inner. You're not stuck if you're feeling your feelings, you're already moving forward. You don't need to do anything more than you're already doing, it's the Divine's journey for you. Choose to release control, by pushing against the Divine's way, one will miss the next piece and slow everything down. Relaxation is an important piece of slowing down. When you surrender and relax, the Divine can bring you everything, but when we're all up in the air, it's the wrong energy to be in.🍀

🌅🌌When we understand what's happened on our journey and why, especially the uncomfortable bits, we can relax. When you realise how it all fits together, what you're healing, why the situation is what it is, it starts to make sense, it starts to be like, "Oh I see how I've done this, I see what we're doing." It's like teamwork then. Twin Flames often come together and go through a honeymoon phase, then hit the upsets, wanted to go deeper, claimed their Harmonious Union, and embarked on that stage of the journey and heal the blocks. No third party or 'hairbrush' ever had any power, it's just what they represent. If they're there, they're representing a pattern. Clarity is coming as to what that pattern is. There may be an upset with the Masculine, for example, because it loves and then leaves. If this resonates, make a new choice here, choose yourself for all Eternity, in truth, you can't actually leave yourself, being left is an illusion, how does it feel to know that you can't leave you?💎

🧿☔It's also about recognising the illusion of leaving, every time consciousness wants to say, "Oh, my Twin Flame's not with me." That's when you stop, that's when you correct consciousness, because if you can't leave yourself, then your Twin Flame can't leave you. It's a lovely confirmation to know that you're both being creative at the same time, obviously it's just you, so if you're being creative in that space, then your Twin Flame's also being creative. You don't have to both be doing the same thing, they're your counterpart, so you don't have to be doing the same activity, but you're going to fit together in that way. Now's the time to be getting your practice in so you can stand side by side and create together. Your individual quirks will somehow fit together, you don't know what God's got planned for you in that respect, you'll find that out later. 🧢

💜🪀If you're feeling any doubt, take a moment to ask yourself where your desires come from, always the Divine. The Divine has never failed to bring a desire, when you ask for a Twin Flame, you get one, when you ask for Harmonious Union, it's given. It may just be fears that are stopping one from seeing and receiving it, just illusions blocking it, it's already given, it's already yours, that's because it's part of you, it's how you were created, it was never not there. You've been on the journey many lifetimes, we've been doing these patterns and spiritually seeking a long time, it's taken a lot, spiritually speaking to have made it this far. Some people who don't go the distance maybe were not really desiring Harmonious Union, Harmonious Union is a different choice.🩱

🎀🌺Your good is already yours, how foes it feel to know that your good is already with you? It can't not work out, it's inevitable, the timeframe is down to the Divine because She knows best, most compassionate way. You can trust the Divine in that space, relax more, it'll be easier. God is effortless, it's not a chore to love and be loved, or receive your Love, it's going to come in easily, it's going to literally fly you away. The effortlessness of your Love for your Twin Flame is how you know that it's Divine. Just allow that effortlessness to be present now. Recognise that all you're doing is healing that block to receiving your good. If you choose to receive this revelation you will be gifted with the awareness of your journey, why it has taken as long as it has. It happens the way it does so one can see their pattern playing out and put all the pieces together. There's a reason why, and it's very comforting to know that you have been living out your Twin Flame pattern all these years.🌸

🏩🚩Sometimes there's a long gap in our lives so we can play out the pattern that we're healing, it's part of the process. So if you have a belief that you can't have your good, back when you first recognised your Twin Flame, that pattern started to play out. That misaligned belief, you can't be together if you can't have your good, so ever since then, one has been living the result of that pattern till it's healed. So if your Twin Flame is with a 'hairbrush,' that hairbrush can't be their good because they're with them. One can't be with something that they can't have because that's their pattern. Some people manifest a third party because they haven't forgiven themselves for being with somebody else, not their Twin Flame. They may have met their Twin Flame a long time ago and not seen them, not recognised them, not chosen them. Many of the blocks are about not having chosen Love. Giving up on Love is another pattern that needs healing, it's what many Divine Counterparts are currently experiencing, a life of giving up on Love. so one has to heal that pattern, that's why there's a hairbrush. 🍒

🍅🍎If one gave up on Love because every time they did go for it, it became unbelievably painful, it's because there's a pattern there saying one can't have it. That's why some journeys began a long time ago, so one can see that pattern in the making, live it, experience it, be activated in it. In truth you're an Eternal being, you just have to keep going till you get to the core. You get to those places where you made these original choices, and they were all just about choosing to be separate from God. Don't worry about time, God has presented the journey in the best way for you to see clearly what's happening. You receive more and more insight, going deeper into the reason for everything, which makes more and more sense and clicks together. You see the reasons for everything and that's new, you may think that nothing new will come up but it does, and it's very comforting because you know you're on the right track. Everything's happening in an orchestrated way.🍊

🥭🍍You'll see it's not just some random journey that's taking forever, you're actually making progress, and each upset that comes is the next piece, and you have to trust that it's unravelling, even it you do not see the end in sight right now. It is unravelling, so follow the steps given, don't bypass, don't numb out, be present, receive it, move through it effortlessly and the next step can come in. No need to rush, you get there just by meeting that next feeling and God is really fast anyway. It takes as long as it does to unravel your personal set of upsets. But as strongly as you feel you can't have your good, that's really your strength. When you heal that you will be having all your good, very strongly, because that's what's coming in. Ego is strong in that place but so is Love in that place, your gifts lie there. The opposite of the blocks. That's going even deeper into your journey and recognising, "Hey, as shitty as ego is, actually what I get is the opposite. If it's really shitty it's got to be really good.🌭

🍋🌞So don't worry, it's a lot of good, you are doing it. just recognise those upsets that are around you in everyday life, and take the opportunity to heal when it comes along. Find the place of pain, this is where to go, there's a lot of this going on in the collective at this time, and it's often related to past partners, and that energy, unless it's healed, will come up again with the Twin Flame. That's what people experience when they come into Union before it's healed, so you may as well take your time, feel through it, so you don't have to experience it with your Twin Flame. Know that it's the same journey with or without the Twin Flame present. It's unfolding the way that it it because your Twin Flame loves you so much, because if these places aren't healed when you have your Union, this is literally what will play out. We left an old energy behind in the past and we have to go back and clear it. This is not regression, it's bringing Love to the romantic side of life. That's what this is.💛

🌵🍏It's easy to get just someone, that's very different from what we're doing, we have maxed out in that area of life, seen it for the cul de sac that it is and realise there was nowhere to go in basic romantic relationship. Let go of any either-or energy, there's no need to worry that you have to choose between your Purpose and Love. The energy of True Love and Purpose is the same. When you're with your Twin Flame, you can do your Purpose together and there's no need to exclude, unlike with the wrong person where they can only join you to a degree at best. If you don't have a high standard and you don't see yourself as Divine, it's easy to get someone. When you claim your Harmonious Union, you're not claiming a basic relationship. If you came together with your Twin Flame before but weren't claiming your Harmonious Union, it wouldn't have been the fulfilling relationship your heart desires. The vibration one could receive at that time would not have been in alignment with Harmonious Union which is the real desire.🍃

🌿🥦The people now in Union are facing the mirror and everyone needs to go deeper, if you chose the jackpot of Love it must be earned. You are both choosing this, your Twin Flame will be feeling equally fed up, except it may be showing up in a different area of their life. If you've come to the end of the road with basic romantic Love, they will have too in another area energetically, and a a whole your Union is functioning on every level, but if not yet fully, you're healing that energy so your Twin Flame can step into that deeper expression with you. You should be having the time of your life on this journey and your Twin Flame is right with you, so everything you're experiencing is you and God and all the things you love. You running with God, discovering new horizons with God. When your Twin Flame comes along it's the same you you're going to be present with, the same blocks and upsets. It's going to be very very normal to spend time with your Twin Flame.🍀


It's OK to spend time with the you that experienced your past relationships you've seen in this life and possibly others, so it's OK to take your time here to love yourself thoroughly. You already have Love, you don't have to settle, your man or woman is living life with you already as one. Everything you're experiencing, they're moving through the same energy as well. Your Union is moving through this same energy, it'll show up in your Twin Flame's life in a different way, everything you're experiencing is a direct reflection of that, so you do know what's going on. If you're healing through romantic energy they may be healing that same energy in work, family etc. You can check if you're guided to, but not if it doesn't feel compassionate. No one can take what's yours, no one can take your good, no one can experience you in a relationship if they're not your Twin Flame. You don't need to look over there to see the state of their false existence. Your Twin Flames heart is closed to everyone else, anyone who ever loves anyone is really loving their own Twin Flame.🌌

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Mar 27

This is the best article, truly. It’s one of those 4am things, finding this has me crying in the biggest and most loving relief. Thank you🙏

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