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Readiness For Harmonious Twin Flame Union Is Oneness With The Divine 🌛

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

🌞The entire Twin Flame journey in a nutshell from start to finish, is that when you love yourself, all is revealed. When you dare to raise your gaze and look to the Divine. Remember that although we're fixated on this person, there's only you and the Divine, your Twin Flame is you, and you're one with the Divine. When something isn't working, one is not in correct relationship with the Divine, lowering their gaze, dare I look, dare I seek relationship with the Divine? Raise your eyes to meet God. When you love yourself fully in every area, your relationship with your Twin Flame is fulfilled, not that anything has to happen between yourself and your Twin Flame, it's between you and you, and that's your relationship with God. Harmonious Union is right there, right here, you don't need to reach for it, it's just you meeting God in the place where He says, "I'm One with you," and you're cool with it. Nothing 'out there' needs to shift in order to realise that, it's an internal moment, internal communication, internal realisation. That point in the journey where we shift into, 'Oh, it's just me and the Divine, there's nothing to fix here, I don't need to dismantle anything out there, I just need to know that I can have God.'🍊

🍎As you and your Twin Flame move closer and closer to each other, it's natural to still be experiencing a touch of uncertainty or anxiousness. As you heal and can feel your person moving closer to you, it may feel as if they are stepping out into your light, so what to do with that? Nothing, just being in the light is enough, your presence alone is loving. your very essence, your profile picture, everything you do, even a tiny thing transmits the energy of Christ Consciousness, the energy of love within you. And the signs and indications you receive from your person, you notice them when God prompts you to notice, but looking for clues, say on social media, is a symptom of anxiety and a symptom of needing love because it's easy to look there for love instead of going within. Your Twin Flame does not need to appear to your mind in this way for you to know that love is yours. You are Love, you are that simply by existing, God is the fountain of all love, always existing, always within you.🍒

🍷Going within is the corner that the collective is turning, it's time to shift one's perception to a higher perspective. You loving you, letting the Divine into you is what brings you your Twin Flame, looking outwards at what they're doing isn't helpful, if you do see something that disappoints you, go in and heal that. If you could do with seeing a little more to be happening externally, deliver love to yourself, this journey is not about waiting for a desire to be fulfilled. It'll just be a misalignment in consciousness, so go there, if it is, for example, a feeling of lack, give yourself what you need there, satisfaction. Waiting for anything external to satisfy will not be necessary, frustration will not be necessary. It does not come from your Twin Flame, you're not waiting for them to do something, you don't have to wait for them to do anything, it's within you here now. And you are ready now, not tomorrow when you've fixed something else, God does not say that you're still a bit broken, it's just when you're ready to reveal it to yourself. Your journey is unique, but you must undo all the places where you thought you were waiting, the power is 100% yours.🪀

💜The understanding that you're only having a relationship with the Divine and the lifting of your eyes to meet God, that's Harmonious Union. If you have not met that awareness yet it's safe and compassionate to understand that it's your own readiness to meet with and be with God fully that makes you ready. You're always ready, but there may be a feeling within that tells you that you might not be able to do this and that's OK. you're always ready, everyone is. You don't need to do anything to be ready, the spiritual work is to build a solid foundation but you're always ready. You just have to get to that awareness, it's an 'aha' moment ang God is bringing you everything you need to get there. Harmonious Union is a frequency, abundance is a frequency, wealth is a frequency, you will attract everything you need to attune to that frequency. We know these key moments because we're always having them, each builds on the last so there is no waiting involved. there's no sense of not being good enough or rich enough yet, we're never broken, there's nothing to fix. Harmonious Union isn't in the future, it's always right here, you don't need to go anywhere, it's not 'over there' on your Twin Flame's Facebook profile, it's actually here.🍇

🌌There comes a point where you have to move into a place of total surrender and say, "OK God, I'm ready for you." Choose Harmonious Union with God and let that be enough, trust God. Let go of the story about not being good enough, of not being able to have it. If that programme is running now, that's what's now being deactivated. you are being brought the awareness that it was always there, the illusion, the lie that it wasn't is what's being deactivated. Surrender to your full power, you have the power to manifest your Union, and that power is love not force, you don't need to defend anything, just relax and trust. step into your power, no more playing small, nothing you post on social media that they see will make your Twin Flame realise anything, but your energy being present means everything, because it's present anyway, within your Union. It's not your Twin Flame's attention that you want, it's the Divine.🧿

In Harmonious Union, if you look to your Twin Flame for this, it would be confusing if they do not reciprocate, but they're only you, "Why ain't you loving me?" They can only reflect the love you're already giving yourself within, and that's letting God in. God is the Source, if your Twin Flame walks in and says that they have made you a lovely dinner, it's only because you've already nourished yourself, so they show up for you, giving you the love you've already shown yourself. Don't misplace the Source, some people have failed to maintain their Unions because they left God out. One comes into this work wanting their Twin Flame, but the work is Ascension, ascending to God with our person by our side, but our person is just us, us being our whole self. Any part of you that's unloved, they're just as unloved. They're showing you the places you're not loving yourself. They won't fix everything, they don't slot in and love you in the places you're not loving yourself. they only love you in the places you've already loved yourself, if there's more to do there, there's more to do there and that's OK.

Honour what suits you in every area of your life, choose for everything to be the right fit and the right quality for you that you feel you should receive, no more settling for less. Also keep an open mind in terms of having flexibility regarding change, it's OK to not try to keep things the same. Move with God, it's not about wanting God to do what we want, God knows better, and this is where ego wants to hold on. God placed these desires in your heart so that they may be fulfilled, He is not a false God that will run roughshod over your dreams and desires, surrender everything to God, all the way, He is not your biological parents. If that resonates, bring a lot of peace and compassion to that part of you. The Divine Father/ Mother is not a controlling parent, the desire in your heart comes from Him/ Her, You will receive more, not less than what you currently have. Please don't think that change will diminish anything, what if it actually adds? Surrender to joy!

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15 Δεκ 2020

may i say what i see in your painting i see a pearl of wisdom falls from the sky reflecting in eyes of china blue under the watchful eyes of wisdom as the spirit of the dove drifts out of pearl birthing peace and love the dove flies over many wise heads yet never lands until she finds home just the way i see it the love of the dove beautiful birds may our father of light be with you us i have tried lots of stiles of painting your stile is different to all i have tried good painting and lots of hidden gems if we care to look love it.

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